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regarding product reviews/testimonials/endorsements/etc:
the federal trade commission (ftc) sets guidelines for testimonials, endorsements and reviews.  to follow these guidelines, i will add little notes/disclaimers to my reviews that will explain how i received the products i reviewed; either purchased on my own, or received from the brand or PR representative.

i want to make sure everyone is clear that any review i write on my blog is always 100% my honest opinion. my goal is to be 100% authentic with my blog and help readers get as much out of my reviews as possible. so if something sucks, i'll say so. if something is great, i'll say so. just know that i won't ever let someone tell me what to say about their product (unless of course we're talking about facts and not opinions).  i also won't work with companies unless i feel they fit in with my personal brand or the goals and values of my blog. 

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