The 5k Challenge

on june 9th, 2013 i completed my 5k challenge. the challenge was to run one 5k a month for an entire year. 12 months = 12 5ks. it wasn't a crazy original challenge, but it turned out to be a fun series of races that required commitment and kept me on the path to getting back to my 1/2 marathon days. this journey took me to two new prs, beating my 5k best that was set over 10 years ago in high school! i shaved minutes off my 5k time and left the challenge being in the best running shape of my life!

for the full recap and my reflection on the 5k challenge check out the blog post (: 

#1: july 4th - the firecracker 5k 
official time: 31:21

#2: august 8th - red carpet run
official time: 29:12

#3: september 1st - run like the wind
official time: 27:23

#4: october 6th - run scream run
official time: 26:56

#5: november 10th - turkey trot (the iron turkey)
unofficial time: 30:25

#6: december 12th - girls on the run se michigan 5k
unofficial time: 28:58

#7: january 19th (2013) - auto show shuffle
official time: 26:26

#8: february 3rd (2013) - superbowl 5k
official time: 26:08

official time: 24:34

#10: april 13th (2013) - martian 5k
official time: 25:06

#11: may 25th (2013) - capitol memorial run
official time: 24:38

#12: june 9th (2013) - ann arbor marathon 5k
official time: 23:54


  1. I love your wonder woman costume hahah!!!!
    If you have any 5ks coming up in ann arbor lemme know! I love doing races :)

    1. Thank you!! I will def. let you know... I'm thinking Shamrocks and Shananigan's in March for sure ;)

  2. I'll be doing Shamrocks & Shenanigans! :) I am also participating in a running challenge this year- 13 in 2013!

    Just signed up for the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon in October- that will be my big one for the year, and my first Half ever!

    I love the blog- looking forward to the meetup next Saturday too!

    1. Hi Arika!

      I'll be doing Shamrocks too! I was thinking of doing the Detroit half too... We'll have to chat more at our MeetUp.

      So glad to find other local bloggers! I knew there had to be some. Looking forward to next Sunday!

    2. Awww.. I want to be part of a Michigan blogger meetup!!

  3. I love this challenge!! You did an awesome job! Way to go Alicia!

    Sara from

  4. This is an awesome challenge. Did you do other races at the same time or just focus on 5k's?

    1. Thank you!!

      It was really hard, but I only focused on 5ks throughout the year. I did one 10k, but that was it. At the end of the challenge, I felt a little stir crazy... but focusing on one distance really allowed me to improve my performance (and it was short enough where I wouldn't get discouraged or feel pressure to train insanely). Long winded answer!


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