Thursday, January 15, 2015

the 4 x 13 survey

my wonderful oiselle teammate, sun, tagged me in a "four things" blog survey. i'm a little slow to post, but here it is in all it's glory. for some reason, trying to think of my top four things, versus a top three was harder. not sure if anyone else thinks that or if it is just me :) i've tagged four bloggers at the bottom to participate as well! 

four names that people call me:
1. alicia (my name)
2. curly 
3. licia or just lich (which is pronounced "leash")
4. rockstar (my dad calls me this)

four jobs i've had:
1. recruiter (current)
2. account executive (sales)
3. customer specialist (best buy, variety of departments)
4. sandwich artist (?) (at jersey giant, best subs anywhere)

four movies i've watched more than once:
1. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (fave movie)
2. the breakfast club (who hasn't?)
3. pretty much every disney animated film
4. the santa claus (christmas tradition) 

four books i'd recommend:
1. the harry potter series
2. anything by harlan coben (he's one of my favorite authors)
3. necessary losses by judith viorst (awesome psychology book about life changes and the respective loss)
4. the odd thomas series by dean koontz (so, so, so good)

four places i've lived:
1. lansing, mi
2. minneapolis, mn
3. sydney, australia (for 3 months)
4. ann arbor, mi

brandon and me when we lived in australia for three months
sydney harbour bridge in the background. we look young!

four places i've been:
1. australia (twice, actually)
2. india 
3. costa rica
4. the uk 

four places i'd rather be right now:
1. disney world
2. pretty much anywhere warm, i'm not picky
3. on a massage table getting my back worked on
4. on a lake somewhere

a cute gif of my fam during our disney world trip
for the princess half marathon last year

four things i don't eat:
1. broccoli (trust me, it's better this way)
2. gravy
3. chickpeas (although i wish i could still eat hummus)
4. raw fish (like in sushi, eew)

four of my favorite foods:
1. lasagna
2. sandwiches (reubens in particular)
3. squash (any kind, i'll gobble it up) 
4. burgers

reuben egg rolls. one of the best things i've ever eaten in my
entire life

four tv shows i watch(ed):
1. pretty much anything on food network
2. bob's burgers
3. pretty much anything on hgtv
4. big bang theory (trying to catch up on episodes)

four things i'm looking forward to this year:
1. getting married!
2. the honeymoon!
3. mom's retirement
4. getting back (hopefully) to running

so, so ready for more finish line photos! hope
to be running by late spring/early summer

four things i'm saying:
1. i am so, so, so beyond sick of being in pain :( 
2. is it the weekend yet?
3. when is kate spade going to have their next 75% off sale??? 
4. what to eat for dinner..... 

four people i'm tagging to do this next:
1. paulette @ just keep running
2.  lacey & meranda @ fairytales & fitness
3.  leana @ runner leana
4.  amanda @ there are 2 sides


  1. I won't eat raw fish Thanks for the tag. We actually just did this post not too long ago too. Will you be at Princess again this year?

  2. Jersey giants are the best sub's ever!

  3. The kate spade 75% off sale - YES. I love those. Thanks for the tag!

  4. I bet India was such a cool place to visit - I would love to go someday. And being at Disney World right now sounds perfect. After seeing all the pics on social media from the race weekend, I want to be there, too!

  5. Thanks for the tag! I've never seen this before, looks like fun!


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