Friday, November 7, 2014

getting back together with weight watchers

after several months of being unsuccessful with calorie tracking, i've jumped back on team weight watchers. when i lost a bunch of weight two years ago, it was weight watchers that got me there. i think it's most effective for me because it keeps me from becoming obsessive about calories, like calorie tracking does. i toyed with the idea of weight watchers for about a month before diving in on monday. so far it's been an uphill battle getting back into tracking, but i've got to start somewhere!

my main goals for going back on weight watchers are two fold: 1) i want to get back down to racing weight. when i can competitively run again, i want to be back at the weight where i was last summer. i was starting to find a lot of speed at this point and was running very strong. i'm dreaming of getting back to that point again. i also am hoping that losing weight will take off some of the load impact on my back, thus reducing injury. 2) i want to look like a BAMF in my wedding dress. i mean, if that isn't motivation, what is? ;)

the one thing that is tough for weight watchers is that i can only use it when i'm trying to lose weight (duh). if i tried to use it for maintenance, i could only continue to use it until i started to get into peak of running. when i'm at my peak of training, i need to be consuming 300-400 grams of carbs a day. put that into the weight watchers points calculator and i don't even want to know how many points it would give! i'll worry about what i will do with tracking once i get to that point in my athleticism again, but it is something looming in the back of my mind. it's the one reason that weight watchers hasn't been a long term solution for me. of course, if anyone has any solutions to this, i'm all ears!

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