Saturday, October 25, 2014

kickstarter: low fodmap protein bars

i've shared many a time on this blog my struggles with ibs, and one of the ways i try to help alleviate some of my symptoms is through a low fodmap diet. fodmaps have now become a guiding factor in how i decide which fruits, veggies and sugars to eat.

there's a company called nicer foods that has launched a kickstarter campaign to produce a low fodmap protein bar. i wasn't asked to promote this campaign or company in any way. i happened to stumble upon them on twitter and now i want nothing more than for this bar to be produced. the struggle with protein bars is real for folks with food sensitivities and/or ibs. if a bar doesn't contain one ingredient you can't eat, you get excited, but then sure enough, it is almost guaranteed to have at least one other sensitive food product as an ingredient (in my experience this has always been true).

nicer foods is working to create a low fodmap protein bar that is safe and healthy for your gut;  corn free, dairy free, soy free, gluten free and fodmap friendly. how amazing is that? it's a huge goal to work towards, but i am excited to be a supporter and hope this bar can come into full production!

check out nicer foods on kickstarter to support their campaign and make sure to  visit their website! this could be a game changing product for someone like me who struggles with food intolerances and their related effects on the body.

this image is from the kickstarter campaign


  1. This does sound awesome. I know quite a few people that would benefit, thanks fr sharing!

    In the meantime, if you've never heard of "Bearded Brothers Bars" you should check them out :)

  2. Hi Alicia,

    I found your blog while searching for information about LEAP and the MRT test. Thanks for sharing about your experience. I'm curious about how the rest of your LEAP diet went. I also have IBS, and it's been getting worse during the past few months (hives nearly every day, joint pains, fatigue). Yesterday, I started on a FODMAPS diet (plus eliminating other foods I know that I am sensitive to) and now follow food combining rules (i.e., melons: eat alone or leave alone; never combine intensive proteins like beef or chicken with heavy starches like potatoes or rice). I love eating meat, but after research and based on my own experience, I find meat is best for dinner and accompanied by a salad. I also gave up eating desert or fruit after dinner and plan to eat fruit in the morning. I moved my dinner time up to 6 pm to leave at least four hours to digest before bed. In general, proteins take more time to digest; carbs less time; fruits even less time. Perhaps you should also consider giving it a try? I think all of our tummy troubles are probably related to lacking some crucial gut bacteria or digestive enzyme: .


  3. PS on a related note, this article in the New Yorker was really interesting: It may be that part of the increasing problems with gluten is related to the added plastic-ky vital gluten that bakers add to short-cut making perfect bread. And it relates to how stuff that does not break down in our gut ends up leaking out and hurting us.


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