Tuesday, October 21, 2014

i ran a mile! woop woop!

so my last post was pretty... pessimistic. thanks to those that pointed out that optimism and positivity can actually go a long way in the healing process! ;) 

last night, i took moose girl out for a walk/run. we did about a mile and a half with intervals and i was feeling pretty good. after taking moose home, i decided to go out and try for a mile on my own. it was a perfect fall day; crisp, cool air with gorgeous fall colors on the trees. i had my new oiselle wazelle black long sleeve (which is the perfect black long sleeve, by the way - so sleek and slimming) and it just felt like a good time to try for a run.

i felt pretty good a half mile out, but a little cautious that the pain might come back as soon as i tried to pick up the speed a notch. i gradually got faster until the last quarter mile when i realized i had picked up the pace quite a bit. not having any pain, or any twerks on a longer stride, i decided to sprint as best i could the last tenth of a mile. 

it was no where near my fastest sprint, or fastest mile, but for that last stretch, i finally felt like i could push my body to perform, to achieve. it felt hard. but it felt awesome.

it's moments like this i have to remember on those days when everything seems hopeless and impossible. i might not be able to do much right now, but that little bit of something i could do made my day!


  1. I'm so happy for you. Getting back to it is definitely a long process and should not be rushed. It's been a few months for me now and I can still tell I am being cautious at times. I now know when I can push and when I need to slow down.

  2. That's awesome Alicia! It stinks being scared to run but I've been dealing with the same feeling. Honestly any time I run an 8- something pace mile I'm happy so I'm truly thrilled for you. Any pain free running is something to be proud of :)


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