Wednesday, July 30, 2014

the comeback starts... now?

by putting the word "comeback" in the title, i've probably jinxed myself. but let's pretend for a moment i'm not superstitious and we'll roll with it.

on sunday, i participated in a 5k on belle island (in detroit). a few posts ago, i mentioned my back injury and how it really wasn't getting better. running has been a struggle. somedays i can run 2.5 miles and feel okay, others i can barely get past a mile and a half without my posture starting to ripple in weakness. there seems to be no consistency. so when this 5k came around i really didn't want to do it. this was originally planned to be my 2nd time trial in my quest for a fast 5k and, to top it off, it's the same course as my goal race in september. in other words, if i was on track to train for my goal, this was a great race to do. but since i am injured and occasionally feel sorry for myself, this race was like a kick in the face of where i wanted to be and where i actually am.

but my wonderful brandon told me to suck it up and run it anyway. and that's what i did. i told myself over and over again that i could walk if i needed to. i could run at a pace barely above a jog if that's what kept me pain free. the goal was just to get out and enjoy the day.

somehow, i ended up running a 26:45 5k time. for reference, i struggled immensely during my last 5k race to finish in barely over 29 minutes. and now, i'm close to where i was in may (which was a 26:09 5k time), prior to this injury?? what happened?! and most importantly, what does this mean?

pre-race, lovely detroit in the far background

well, it means that i still have speed in me, i think. and it means that adrenaline can push me pretty far. but on sunday, the day after the race, i was in so much pain. i had to take the day to ice and rest. and that means i'm not 100% healed, which means i shouldn't start doing interval runs and running 5 days a week.

but maybe it does mean i can start modifying my workouts to work on speed. i learned on saturday that my endurance is shot. i need to figure out how to do a "long" run of at least 4 miles without pain. i also need to figure out how i can cross train on a bike to get speed work in. that will help reduce some of the impact on my back while it heals. 

more than anything though, this race was a serious confidence booster for me. i have been struggling for months to feel like my normal running self. and even though my body didn't feel great during the run or the day after, to get a glimpse of really racing again was refreshing. it means i can do it again, my "career" isn't over. i just have to get healthy.

easier said than done, but hey, we've all got to start somewhere. 

anyone have great bike workout ideas to build speed? interval workouts?


  1. Glad it's a boost on the road back up. Hopefully this will mark the turning point for a comeback. *knock on wood*

    1. Thank you! Knock on wood is right. You just never know when you'll have a good stretch of running or a bad. I guess that's part of the sport, though!


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