Thursday, July 24, 2014

keeping up with acurls

i can't believe it's already almost august. where has the summer gone?!?!?!!?!? *insert long drawn out sigh here*

this summer has not gone as planned in any way shape or form. between trying that mrt/immuno clam/LEAP diet and being sidelined with an injury, the summer i had envisioned for myself is an idea of the past.

i think the biggest hurdle i'm mentally trying to get over is that i'm not able to train for my fast 5k at the detroit women's half marathon & 5k race. i am still battling this nasty back injury and at this point have come to terms with the fact that training to be fast is just out of the cards for me this year. my only goal now is to get healthy, run if i can and finish the 5k races i have signed up for. it is a very big mental hurdle for me to be okay with the goal being to finish the 5k versus be a contender to win a 5k. those are two very different goals for me. being on the sadder end of the spectrum makes me feel sad.

i did end up going to the doctor about a month ago regarding my back. there was no obvious injury they could find so they ended up doing an xray. again, nothing obvious there either, which is frustrating. what they did see, however, is that my right leg is about 5mm shorter than my left leg. my right side is where i have had ALL my running injuries, foot, hip, back... everything! so my doctor thinks my pain could potentially be caused by inflammation and excessive wear/tear on my joints on the right side because of the length difference. she also thinks this might have caused my foot pain because my foot might be trying to compromise for the length difference during running by getting itself into weird positions. so, i bought into this idea and i'm now wearing a small heel lift in my right shoes to see if this helps the problem. i'm also taking naproxen everyday to try and reduce the inflammation. it's been over a month and i'm not healed, but i will say that i've seen improvement. i've had a few runs without pain, which is great! i haven't been able to run more than about 2.5 miles at a time, but i hope that will change soon. i'm also trying to sleep with a pillow either under my knees or between my legs in hopes it will help keep my hips in alignment during the night. if my body is positioned weird when i sleep, this could also be aggravating the back problem.

i'm going to give it another month to see if things improve, before going back to the doctor. doctor appointments are exhausting!!

since i can't run, i've started to take up biking again. i'm finding that i actually like it, probably because it's the only way i can be outside and feel like i'm going for a long endurance workout. my bike was in storage for 4 years (yup, that's right), so it's taking me a bit of getting used to the whole biking thing, but i'm glad i have it now for cross training. it's the only thing keeping me a little bit less stir crazy since i can't run very far!

i've been trying to golf more in anticipation of my favorite golf outing in september, but the back has made that difficult, too. sometimes there's no pain and sometimes i have no power in my swing because of the pain. needless to say, i am spending less time at the driving range than i would like to because i am fearful of making things worse.

so that's it in a nutshell. my back has predicted what i can and cannot enjoy (physically) this summer, but i'm doing my best to make light of it all. there's not much else you can do!

to end this little recap, here are some of my favorite pictures from the summer thus far!

from 4th of july at greenfield village

moose & her new bandana from doggie daycare beach party

my first splurge drink after ending
the immuno calm/LEAP diet. this stuff
is the best!

meeting a couple oiselle buddies for dinner in a2!


  1. Sorry to hear you're still having issues! I'm glad you're starting to see some improvement though and hope you'll be back running in no time :)

    Are you still planning to come to Bird Camp? Looking forward to meeting you there!

    1. Thanks, Sun! I will be at Bird Camp! Can't wait to meet you!


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