Friday, July 4, 2014

digital digest: fourth edition (on the 4th!)

a few things across the web have caught my eye and have been extremely enjoyable to read, so i wanted to share them with all of you! and ironically, this is my fourth edition of the digital digest and it happens to be the 4th of july today! go america! :) 

1) "when the body has a purpose, the mind is healthy" by ashley, fellow oiselle runner
i can relate 100% to what ashley writes, and her reflection caused me to reflect on why i train or like to be in training. when i'm training for something, my body has a purpose other than just to sit around and be (which to me also means it's just being looked at). so when i can't train and i can't put my body to use in that way, i get especially fixated on using my body for its looks. i think this is why i get very down and depressed when i'm injured and can't train (like now). training keeps my mind on the positives of my body, and lack of training keeps my mind on the negatives.

2) "paleo diet: what is it?" by my trainers at applied fitness solutions
this is basically paleo 101 - which is so timely considering my immuno calm diet/LEAP diet is basically a very simple, food in natural state type diet. this post breaks down what paleo is, pro's and con's and what foods are/are not considered paleo. a simple break down of this diet type!

oiselle posted tips and tricks for staying cool and surviving the heat during those summer runs! the tips were all submitted by current oiselle runners, which i think is neat. there's even a tip from yours truly up there, although i can't follow my own advice now that i'm on this silly diet. ;) anyway, good stuff here!

4) "becoming a better judge of people" by anthony k. tjan (havard business review)
i love this article. it shares 10 key questions to ask yourself to help you better understand people. the article applies the questions mostly to job interviews (which is highly relevant for me and why i was drawn to the article in the first place), but i feel like all of these questions are great reminders to think about when meeting new people. we are in a society where we are so quick to judge, "oh this person only has 10 twitter followers, they don't matter" - we never get to the heart of who people really are! this article talks about getting to learn the "why" and "how" of people. great read.

5) "living the fitbit life" by david sedaris (the new yorker)
a long, but comical piece about how fitbit (and other trackers) can take over our lives and lead to the development of obsessive behavior. a lot of humor, but a lot of truth to this as well. i can relate to feeling "more freedom" when i didn't wear any tracker, but i've slowly taught myself not to obsess over hitting 10,000 steps a day.

what digital reads or things were you digging recently? share the love in the comments!


  1. I can relate to #4 and 5. When I meet new people I have made a point to talk less and listen more. ( I always felt that I talked too much nd then I felt bad
    And #5 I think any blogger can relate to that..haha

    1. I completely agree. People are fascinating! I'm really trying hard to be a better listener and pick up clues and ticks I would normally notice if I wasn't fully present in the moment, if that makes sense.

      I have gotten so much better about not living/dying by what my pedometer says. I think it helps that the Garmin Connect automatically adjusts your goal, so it's not always 10,000 every day! When I went to Disney for Princess Half Weekend, I wore my FitBit everyday. I was SO beyond mad when FitBit ate my data! I had over 40,000 steps in one day, and FitBit synced and then my data was no where to be found. That's when I knew I was a little obsessive about it!

  2. Thanks for including my blog post! I think it's important topic that a lot of people are embarrased to talk about. The body is so much more than just an object and if all women could escape the "how does it look" mentality and transition to the "what is it capable of doing" mentality, our society would be so much healthier!

    1. Of course! Thank you for writing it! I agree that there has to be a fundamental society shift in how we (even men) look at our bodies. We are more than just how we look! We have utility!


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