Wednesday, June 4, 2014

national running day + women's running mag for only $1 an issue!

today is national running day. despite my injuries, i couldn't NOT run. it just didn't seem right. somehow, i managed to get up and do a mile walk/jog with moose at 6:30am this morning. this is a huge accomplishment, folks. i am NOT a morning person.

how did the run go? moose and i did 2:1 intervals, with plenty of stops for sniffing and potty breaks (she needed the potty breaks, not me, in case there was any confusion). i'm sure the neighbors are used to seeing this silly girl running down the block with a bag of dog poop in one hand, a cell phone and leash clutched in the other. totally normal :) anyway, my back felt okay, and i played it safe by doing intervals. if i am feeling okay this afternoon, i might get wild and try for another 2 mile run. we'll see!

moose can't control her licker problem ;)

i also want to share a pretty awesome promotion women's running magazine is offering on national running day: a year subscription for only $1 an issue. that's pretty insane, considering you can go into a store and buy a magazine for no less than $3 across all magazine types (i bought my june issue for $4.99, and runner's world is the same price on the stands). i personally have enjoyed women's running magazine and find it is more relevant to me (and the average runner) versus magazines like runner's world (which i still love), that tend to skew towards advice and articles that are from a more elite runner perspective. 

plus, my fellow oiselle runner, hollie, was actually quoted in women's running magazine in april of this year:

here are five things i love about june's issue of women's running magazine:

  1. the opening note from editor in chief, jessie sebor, about her eating disorder struggles and how running played a part in both the start of the eating disorder and the recovery. the honesty is refreshing. how many editors would open up about this?
  2. the article featuring six of the coolest medal bling for half marathons. i love unique bling and like discovering races based off my bling aspirations. the pirate bling for the gulf cost half marathon is pretty damn cool...
  3. the inspirational stories from real women. not celebrities. not people who have been featured on cnn or buzzfeed or anything like that, but real women who could be bloggers i read or someone down my street. these are the stories that inspire me the most, because i can relate to them. the spotlight on the woman who went from homeless to valedictorian to congresswoman? awesome.
  4. the feature on sally bergesen (founder of oiselle!) and the story behind the genius roga shorts that make headlines and win runners over all. the. time. it's pretty cool to see the evolution of what goes into the design of an article of running clothing - more to think about than i would consider. i love a magazine that features smaller companies/brands and it doesn't hurt that oiselle is oh so close to my heart. ;) 
  5. the run yummy awards - 5 pages dedicated to the latest and greatest in running fuel. i'm addicted to trying new fuel types, especially considering my dietary issues. this guide introduced me to a few new brands and products i hadn't heard of or considered before.

reason #6 - kristin chenoweth - i love her!

i will 100% share with you that in return for sharing this promotion, i may receive a complimentary subscription to the magazine myself. but i wasn't asked to rave about the magazine, share pictures or talk about what i like most in this month's issue. i did all of that because of my genuine enthusiasm. but all potential perks aside, if you are looking for a chance to add a subscription to your reading rotation, or have been wanting to subscribe to some running goodness for awhile, today is the day to take advantage of a steal of a deal. i'm sure you'll see all sorts of blogs blowing up with this offer today!

:) happy running! 


  1. I am SO tempted to sign up for that magazine. At only $1 an issue you are right, it is a steal. Except I am so far behind on reading the magazines I already have :(

  2. The way I think about it: what is the next thing I am going to spend $10 on, and will it last as long as a year magazine subscription? Likely not :)

  3. I am a magazine junkie. I absolutely can not add one more magazine to my house without reading some back from april still. haha. I love when magazines have amazing deals!

    1. Me too. I would subscribe to way too many, if I could!


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