Monday, March 10, 2014

motivation monday: i need it today

i don't know if its daylight saving time (did you know there isn't an "s" at the end of saving? seriously. boggles my mind, too)... or if i'm just in a post race rut but MAN, i am having the hardest time finding the motivation to roll out of bed and go workout and food track and in general, just do the things that i want to do to help me to feel better and reach my goals. i've posted way too many times about ruts and lack of motivation, so instead of doing that, i'm going to post some notes of positivity in hopes it will kick start my butt, and my week, in the right direction.

happy monday! please share any notes of motivation or positivity - i'd love to hear them!

this is what i call self - motivation. to remind myself of the
cool things i can do, that i never thought i could do!


  1. I didn't know there wasn't an "s" at the end either... that is mind boggling and strange... did it say why the "s" is left off?

    I LOVE that picture of you at the end! That workout looks tough... but fun!

    I always like to quote Dory in times where I lack motivation "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming... what do we do? We swim, swim, swim."

  2. I want to do the aerial silks! That looks so fun. Love the new photo with the Oiselle New lesko shimmel and strappy!

  3. I use to have a Nike poster that said:
    "No one runs in my family.
    I am not built like a runner
    My bones aren’t weightless.
    My legs aren’t gazelle-like.
    As a child, no one ever said,
    “Now that one…she’s going
    to be a runner.”
    I am not a marathon runner.
    But, I know that no one
    is a marathon runner until
    they actually run one."

    This has definitely been my motivation for my first half-marathon on Sunday. Especially on long runs when I think to myself: "I can't do this" it helps keep me going.

    Hopefully the somewhat warm weather we've had yesterday and today will help you as well :)


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