Wednesday, March 5, 2014

hello, lent.

last year for lent, i dedicated 40 days to taking the stairs every day and to writing down something i was thankful for every day. i surprised myself by tackling the stair challenge with ease, while the thankfulness goal was harder to remember to do than i imagined.

with race season over for now, my priorities on health and fitness are changing. my sister's wedding is right around the corner, and with the winter weight lingering around, i want to first focus on getting my dietary habits back on track for weight loss again. i also want to get serious about speed with running for the rest of the year, so my goal is to work towards a to-be-determined racing weight to put me in prime position to race fast.

i've also picked up some less than desirable habits over the last few months. one of them has been dipping into the candy bowl every day at work. with my new job, i'm on a new floor of the building and the candy bowl is only 10 steps away. its brutal. i never used to eat as much candy as i do now and it leaves me feeling sluggish and wanting more sugar. as much as i never want to grow up, i will admit that i don't want to eat candy every day for the rest of my life!

so i've framed my lenten promises around the things i mentioned above and came up with three challenges for lent this year:

  • no candy from the candy bowl
  • take the stairs every day
  • no drinks with artificial sweeteners

this is going to be challenging and going cold turkey on both the candy bowl and sweetened drinks will likely lead to some withdrawal (especially not being able to have my cream sweetener in my morning coffee!!). but the hardship will do me good. i don't normally jump on board with complete restriction as a way to develop habits or achieve goals but part of me really needs the challenge of self discipline. discipline is not something that comes easily to me and my lack of being able to have discipline just drives me nuts. if i can't be immediately granted self discipline, i need an opportunity to practice self discipline and that is what my lent goals seem to be themed around this year. 

anyone else doing anything for lent? i always love a good support group :)

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  1. GOODLUCK with the challenges you made for Lent! :)


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