Wednesday, February 12, 2014

the short version of how i met my valentine

valentine's day is almost here and while i don't get as goo-goo eyed as i did in grade school - hoping, wishing, dreaming for a secret admirer valentine surprise - i still get that rush of enjoyment for hearts and pinks and reds, and showing appreciation for the valentine in my life.

brandon and i met in 8th grade. seriously. my best friend, jenny, and i were in a spanish class that was too full. so we volunteered to move over to french class and thats where i met brandon. we had a unique friendship - i think it was representative of how 8th graders could be friends at the time -  but we certainly did click together.

we stayed friends through high school and college and even after college when i went onto my "big girl job." while we ebbed and flowed through phases of being super close friends, to the occasional check in, we always seemed to pick up right where we left off. friendships like that are special. 

a few years ago, it will be four years this summer, our relationship slowly started to change. for whatever reason, we started to hang out more frequently, chat all the time. we spent valentine's day together celebrating our singleness. brandon got me through homesickness and legit physical illness all through webcams and chats while i spent a couple weeks in india. he was one of the first people i saw when i got home. i wanted him to be around more and more and eventually i asked him to be my date to a wedding. it took me a little while, and a little courage (okay, so maybe it was more like a little too much vodka that led to the courage), but i eventually realized that my feelings had shifted, and so had his.

i do think the best relationships form out of friendships. i can certainly say that brandon and i are proof! i am so thankful for my valentine and the adventures we have had and those that are yet to come! :)

during our 3 month stint in australia - less than six
months into our dating relationship!

proud puppy parents!

we love disney :)

we're silly, and we're down with that 

happy valentine's day, brandon!


  1. You are one lucky girl! Relationships like that are so precious!

    1. Thank you! I feel very lucky! I agree that relationships like this are incredibly special - something to cherish when you have them.

  2. You two are adorable! You don't often post pics of you two together, gosh! I love your back story!

    1. Aw, thank you Sus! I need to share more about "me" rather than just what I'm doing or what is happening to me. I thought this was a nice way to slowly break the ice :)


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