Sunday, February 9, 2014

my glass slipper strategy

alright. with the race two weeks away, i need to settle on a race strategy.

and i have.

the on going injury helped in my decision. while i'm not sure what to anticipate during my appointment this week, i decided to take the past week off training to see if that might help my body rest a little bit. i think it did help, which is good news!

here's the racing strategy i decided on:

10k: run full on. do what i can. give it my all! enjoy it, even if its not fast.

half marathon: likely do some sort of run/walk ratio. while i will try and run the whole thing at a slow pace, if i start to have any pain, a run/walk interval seems like the smartest thing to do. i know i'm not in racing shape, so no need to push myself to the breaking point.

in my heart, i know this is the right thing to do. while its difficult to head into a race not being in tip top shape, or going in it without the training behind me to run my best time ever, i have finally realized that there will be many more races in my life for all of that. and for the races this month, i'm not meant to run fast or pr. i'm meant to just enjoy.

and thats what i will aim to do!

me & my cat. this picture has nothing to do with the post, but it
makes me smile :)


  1. Good luck with your race! I'm sorry you're dealing with an injury right now but you can always take tons of picture breaks in Disney! Hope you have fun with it!!

  2. Aww what a cute picture of you and your kitty :)

    I'm just catching up on your blog... sorry to hear about your injury, but at least a Disney race is the perfect place to throw PRing out the window and just have a fun time!

  3. You're gonna kick ass at the race! I am SO excited for you and to see post race pics! You're right...slow and steady wins the race (and you really don't want to hurt yourself, injuries are NO fun)! Enjoy yourself, because there will be many many more races!

  4. I like the picture! It seems as if so many people are still dealing with injuries! I will be run/ walking too! Hope to see you on the course!

  5. Sounds like you are approaching the races in a super smart way! I'm currently injured too, so I know the feeling of wanting to push things is hard to suppress, but you are completely right in that there will be plenty of time to run races how you want to in the future. No matter what the outcome is, it sounds like the races are going to be a blast! Have fun! :)


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