Friday, February 14, 2014

five things friday: valentine's day edition

i needed to take a break from my normal rambles about running and since i've found some seriously favorite things in the past month, i figured i'd bring back five things friday! woop! and, conveniently, they're all "valentine-y" in some way - how fitting for today!

1) simple truth gluten free animal crackers
omg. i can't even tell you how much i love these things. i think they're even better than the original, non-gf versions i used to eat! the great part is that there are usually coupons for these babies, so i stock up whenever i can. eat them alone or dipped in frosting - yum!!! (valentine-y because of the pink packaging, of course!)

get in my belly!!! so good.

2) butter nail polish in giddy kipper
i happened upon this nail polish during a random trip to the mall (i don't go to the mall much). i fell in love. its that perfect purple valentine's day color - ladies, i'm sure you know that valentine's day purple i'm talking about. i'm a big fan of butter nail polish to begin with, but this color is just scrumptious (its slightly the color of my blog, no?). looks as good on as it does in the bottle!

3) teavana strawberry blush rose
i guess i was really in the valentine-y mood, because when i went to the mall, i also stopped by teavana and picked up this delicious strawberry blush rose tea. its one of their valentine's special teas and it is heavenly. its slightly sweet, very aromatic, and when you add some rock sugar to the brew, it hits the spot. so perfect for snuggling in on a winter day with a book in hand... *sigh*

it was the rhubarb that sold me - this pic is teavana's not mine.

4) greek yogurt + e-boost/emergen-c
i've been on a kick the past week or so by flavoring my very plain greek yogurt with some e-boost or emergen-c. it started off as an experiment, and to my delight, tasted awesome, so i've been eating it just about every morning. the e-boost/emergen-c gives the yogurt a little flavor, color and has a little "pop rock" like sizzler to it when you eat it! yummm!

before mixing ... 
... and after! can you even tell this is pink?

5) oiselle's brilliant lux fabric
ok, so its not pink (but they do have some fab pink wear). but if someone is looking for a valentine's day gift for their lady, or even for themselves (like i was), i have to recommend the one piece of clothing i am wearing every chance i get. everything oiselle makes is delightful to the touch, but i especially love their lux line. it is the softest apparel i have ever worn and it is so perfect for casual or workout gear. i recently bought the lux side zip top (happy valentine's day to me) and its awesome. awesome is an understatement. but its amazing. i got so many compliments when i wore it to work, and then, of course, i wore it running as the outer layer for my winter running layer-fest. i just saw a lux scarf go on the site... time to put the credit card away. can't even tell you how much i love this material!

me in my lux zippy, ready to take on the world!

what's fabulous about your friday or what things have you been loving lately? celebrating valentine's day in a fun way? do share!


  1. I have that same Oiselle Lux Side Zip top and I agree, it's amazing! The perfect cozy top to wear during winter runs.

    And I love your idea for mixing Emergen-C with Greek yogurt - I am going to have to try that!

    1. I'm now on the hunt for different flavors I can mix in the yogurt. Its a little fun variety to add to my usually boring breakfast :)

  2. I want that nail polish! I've never tried a Butter polish. Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. I also love the idea of the Emergen-C with yogurt! It's the time of year around here the whole family gets sick so we are looking for ways to get Vitamin C however we can.

    Plus, I am not a huge fan of plain GreekYogurt so I feel this is a great idea to give it some flavor! You're brilliant!

    1. Hahaha, thank you! I agree with needing the added vitamins... and since plain yogurt is too bitter, this has helped to add flavor but not add a ton of sugar :)

  4. I've never once considered putting emergen-c into yogurt... interesting. I've heard good things about butter polish. I don't do purple really (it looks bad with my red skin tone, haha), but I might try something from them.

    1. Butter nail polishes are awesome. Expensive, but awesome. Gorgeous colors and I think they wear well!


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