Friday, January 24, 2014

training update: glass slipper training

the countdown is on for the princess half marathon weekend and the glass slipper challenge. i knew the time would go by quickly, but i didn't think i'd feel this unprepared for the race. its a little nerve wracking, to say the least.

training hasn't been perfect. 

okay, thats an understatement. 

between giant snowstorms, sub 0 temperatures, a rose bowl trip and too-dark-to-run evenings, i really haven't been running as much as i should be. for two weeks, the only runs i did were my long runs, which isn't a smart idea because it could make me vulnerable to injury and less prepared from an endurance standpoint. 

so i've kicked it up a tiny bit to get in an extra run during the week, but its not easy. it never is. i guess thats the point. 

i'm struggling to run well in the snow and ice. even with yaktrax, the footing is uneasy which makes it difficult for my foot, hammy/glute issues and the temporary orthotics i'm playing around with. it also makes me sloooooowwwww. i knew ahead of time my goal wasn't speed, my goal is to finish the race. but it is soooooo frustrating to be slooooooow when i was running so fast last summer. turning off the time and pace on my garmin has been a life saver (thanks to all that suggested it), but i really have to force myself to stay positive about getting out there and completing the mileage and not pay attention to my time.

if i'm being honest with myself, part of the reason i'm slow is also because i'm only running one or two days a week. hollie posted on her blog about being in a training lull. i am six feet deep into a training drought, that is for sure. 

my secret goal was to pr this race. part of me hoped for a miracle that would get me into the sub-two hour milestone. i feel slightly foolish saying that out loud. success for this race, my inner self has known, will be finishing strong. and if i'm lucky, a high level of success will be finishing close to my "record" on this particular half marathon course.

because i'm "not" focusing on time, i've been thinking about my strategy for the 10k and half marathon. should i try and run a speedy 10k and take the half marathon slow, because i know it will be anyway? or should i do the opposite to give myself the best chance during the half marathon? or should i just do the best i can and push myself to do each race hard and see where it goes? a less stubborn version of me would say to take both slow, enjoy the race and take pictures with characters along the way. the stubborn, competitive part of me says i refuse to do anything but race a race.

which version of me will win out? i probably won't know until race day.

meanwhile, i'm in love with the camelbak i got for christmas. it has been brilliant for fueling during my long runs except for that one time i took it out for a run and the nuun flavored water froze in the tube. did i mention it froze within 1.5 miles of being out for a 10 mile run? yeah, that wasn't helpful. learned my lesson there. but really, i can't wait to give it a go during my first race because i think it will be awesome in normal, not freezing cold temperatures. 

my new camelbak. i love it.

anyone else out there getting ready for princess half marathon? how is your training going? anyone else have water freeze in their camelbak or hydration pack? 


  1. I would do slow for the 10K, take lots of pics and then not FAST for the Princess, but at least you won't feel like you have to go slow if you feel like pushing a bit. I'm in an injury induced lull so my time is spent fretting over my first half, rolling with a tennis ball and researching ways to heal my knee fast before the race! I am finding some relief with rolling my quad, so I ordered a foam roller, hopefully it will help. I'm planning on running without my garmin on Sunday so I can't mess with my head about speed.

  2. I'm sure you'll do awesome!!!
    While I'm not training (yet) for anything (running a half in may though...) I'm totally in a lull. I'm trying really hard to get myself up early in the dark every morning to get to the gym to run on the treadmill and back home to get ready for work. It's so hard when all I want to do is hibernate as long as possible! So I feel you on the lull thing!
    How is it running with a camel back? I'd think you'd feel the water sloshing all over? I just hate running with things in my hands, so it's an attractive option for longer runs...

  3. Winter running is so hard! Do you have access to a treadmill or indoor track for logging some of your miles?

    I would love to do one of the Disney princess races at some point. They sound like a lot of fun!

    1. I have a Planet Fitness membership, and I've done 3 - 4 mile runs there, but I find it really hard to do any more than that because I don't have treadmill patience and I stress about holding up the equipment from other people. I really should have my own treadmill - it would make winter running so much... more convenient. Haha

      The Disney races are a blast! They're certainly more for fun, although I have PR'd on them before. I think you have to go in with the expectation of enjoyment, rather than performance, and you can't go wrong!

  4. I'm training for my first half in July. I enjoy reading about your training. My goal is to finish under the 3 hour point when they start rounding up the stragglers! :)

    1. Congrats on training for your first half! Thats so exciting - it will change your life, in a good way! I hope my reflections on my training go to show that no training will be perfect, and thats okay - its just how running is! :) Good luck! I hope you'll check back in and let me know how its going!


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