Friday, January 17, 2014

taking flight with aerial silks

i'm silkin' sideways!

almost two years ago now, i had my first taste of aerial silks on a retreat in costa rica. though i wasn't graceful by any means, i enjoyed every minute of it and wanted to take classes when i got home. i finally have the chance to be in the air again now that there's a local flight school in town!

i'm not totally sure where my curiosity for aerial silks came from aside from my first intro class. but i know the reason i'm so interested in pursuing it now stems from my desire to better myself. 

1) body strength - the physical strength needed to be able to move your body into each position, to be able to hold yourself up as your feet grasp the silks in the right way... its hard work! i had sore muscles the day after my silks class that i didn't know could be sore! your entire body is working to be able to hold you in the proper positions with silks - its amazing. plus, this is a killer core workout. our instructor recommended some serious core exercises for us to do because the core is such an important part of where you harness your strength. i love that i don't have to go to the gym and lift weights or do a barre class to be able to tone my muscles. i didn't feel like i was working out with this class at all - i felt like i was having FUN. and thats the best kind of workout there is! 

2) trusting self - but perhaps the most important reason i find myself drawn to aerial silks isn't because of the physical benefits but because of the mental benefits. with aerial silks, i find that you really need to trust yourself and your body. you need to trust that your body can hold you in positions, that your arms are strong enough to hold you in air as you dangle to get your feet in position to wrap around the silks. you need to trust yourself to know that you can move to one position to another (because quite frankly, its easy to feel panic when you're hanging in air or feel like you're wrapped in the silks and trapped). if i want to be successful in life (which i do) i need to be able to trust myself and trust my capabilities. aerial silks is really pushing me to do that, because if i don't, i'm not going to be able to do anything on the silks from the ground and especially in the air.

3) seeing myself in a different light - i've always been a big kid. i'm tall. i'm built pretty sturdy. i just don't have a dancer's body or a gymnasts body - its just how i was designed. as a result, i've never felt of myself as graceful. i am a terrible dancer and when i take dance classes or even zumba in my adult age, i feel like i'm clunking around the gym. even my running form can look awkward and clunky - something i've just learned to accept. watching all these tremendous women in this class looking like doves and dancers on the silks - its a beautiful thing. meanwhile, i feel like a brown bear trying to scramble my way up the silks and lumber into different poses. i got over that i didn't feel graceful quickly because i wanted to enjoy the class - and i did. but when i got home and saw some of the pictures posted from the session, i couldn't help but say, "hey, i don't look like much of a brown bear at all. in fact, i do look sort of graceful!" and i was REALLY excited about this. i've been seeing myself the same way for so long that i assume that i aways look a certain way, when in reality i've changed and i've grown and i'm really starting to surprise myself. 

i'm stoked to be going back to another class next week. and i was even more stoked when i got an email from the instructor suggesting that i could move up to the intermediate level classes next session! watch out ya'll, i'm going to be a circus performer before you know it! ;) 

this is called ballerina pose. some of the other girls made
it look way better - a pose i need to work on

i don't remember what this is called, but the more you arched,
the harder it was to pull yourself back up!

what are your thoughts on aerial silks? ever taken a class? do you want to?


  1. I have wanted to try this for so long now and still haven't had the chance. Definitely adding it to my fitness bucket list for this year!

  2. Ahh! That looks like SO MUCH fun! :) I've always loved watching people do this! More pictures!!

  3. Oh wow, how cool! I have never done an aerial class but totally want to try! How fun.

  4. holy cow that looks like a blast but HARD! There's an aerial yoga style class that I almost did and totally backed out of. I would love to try something like this if it were with friends or a small class.

  5. Wow, that looks really tough - but sounds like a lot of fun to learn :) I'm sure it is a perfect way to work on core strength!

  6. OOH, that looks like so much fun!!! I wonder if they offer anything like that around here?

  7. Wow, this is so cool! During Fitweek here there were aerial class offerings and I REALLY wanted to go, but I was out of town. I toyed with the idea of doing rhythmic gymnastics when I was little. I thought I would be the star to bring it to life like Nadia Comanici. Haha, maybe I can just enjoy it for fun as an adult!

  8. This looks like so much fun!! I'm so bummed that there is not a studio close to me.

  9. This is AWESOME!!! I wish they had something like this in my rural area...and the corework must be fantastic!

  10. How cool! This looks SO neat and graceful!


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