Tuesday, January 21, 2014

my mantras for 2014

i never posted about 2014 goals frankly because i didn't know what they would be or if i should even have specific goals for the year. part of my mission in life is to be more spontaneous, relax and enjoy the moment. sometimes i find that goals keep me too tunnel focused and i can't enjoy the now like i really want to. i'm always thinking about consequences. i'm not entirely sure thats a good thing.

anyway, without goals to focus on, i knew i needed a mantra for myself this year. okay, maybe i didn't know it right away, but i've slowly realized it as i've been exploring and filling out the training journal my awesome secret oiselle santa, ashley, got me. 

there's a lot of prompts for thinking about goals and self in this journal, which i love. and it helped me come up with this, my mantras for 2014: 

  • i am strong
  • i am fast
  • i have what it takes
  • i can endure
  • i will

sure, while some of these statements (okay, all of them) apply directly to running, i think they also cross over into daily life and anything i set out to do or any obstacle i come across. aside from those that i wrote down in the notebook, i also have one more that i am thinking about:

  • i am enough

so often i don't think i'm good enough or have what it takes and that negative messaging is so paralyzing. my focus for this year is to replace the thoughts that hold me back with these messages of personal power. i might need to make a t-shirt for myself or something, with all those messages on it. who knows. either way, you better believe that they'll be what i try to focus on when i have a moment of self-doubt or i feel like i am struggling to push through what life hands out. 

do you have personal power statements? any mantras for the year? or did you set goals for yourself in 2014?


  1. Hmm... My mantra this year is to do all things with love. Love myself, flaws and all. I most certainly think all of your statements can apply well beyond just running. I think they're great power statements. I never give it much thought to do something like that.

  2. Such powerful statements! I love the idea of putting them on a t-shirt. And I DEFINITELY say keep the "I am enough" and add it to the list! That is SUCH an important message, and you really do deserve to believe it, deep down. <3


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