Sunday, December 15, 2013

spill it sundays (its off topic and thats ok)

part of being healthy is having fun, so while i drink my accelerade in preparation for my long run from hell today, i'm going to stray from the usual running/food related posts and participate in a movie themed "spill it sundays" link-up. thanks to amy for introducing me to this one ;)

as part of the link up, i'm supposed to put a selfie here. this is not me today, but it is from this week, so it counts in my book.

my fave oiselle tee + oiselle neon strappy =
feeling fly for a workout

q1: what is your favorite genre of film?

i don't have a favorite genre, although the older i get the more i only want to watch things that are light hearted and fancy free. so that means i mostly watch animated movies now. and that is okay.

q2: what is your favorite movie?

this one hasn't changed in a decade, although there are a lot of good contenders. hands down, my favorite movie is eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. i loved it from the first time i watched it and didn't understand any of it. when i watched it again and finally understood the movie i fell in love even more.  below is the profile icon i used on my livejournal way back when. its never been changed. proof that i have loved this movie since forever. go watch it, now, if you haven't.

q3: what movie do you think deserves to never have been made?

there are many of them, but the one brandon and i constantly refer to as the worst movie ever was a movie i rented on a whim from redbox. i am slightly obsessed with squirrels and when i saw squirrels on the cover of this movie, i got excited. animated movie + squirrels must be awesome! NOT TRUE. the movie was called the nut crackers and the title has nothing to do with the actual movie and the actual movie was awful. i think it was created in another country and then dubbed in english because the translations just don't make sense and some of them are quite offensive for a children's movie. don't rent it, even if my rant here makes you curious. its not worth it!!!

q4: what movie should be considered a legal sleeping pill?

i'm probably going to get internet hate for this, but there is one movie that i have tried to watch multiple times and always fall asleep, no matter what i do. that movie is top gun and i know i should be ashamed or internet slapped for that but i just can't stay awake to watch the whole thing! i don't know what it is, but its a total sleeping pill for me.

also, meet joe black. too many hours too long.

sorry i'm not sorry, tom.

q5: if you made a movie, what would it be about?

i would turn my novels into a movie, duh. not that they're written anyway... but that's the plan ;)

q6: a movie you love but would never admit:

if i write it down here, isn't that considered admission? nothing comes to mind except for a made for tv movie called wish upon a star. it had a young katherine heigl in it and it was one of those "switching lives with another person on a wish" type of movies. but as a young dreamer when this movie came out, i wanted to be katherine heigl so bad and thought she was so cool...  its just one of those movies that i enjoy watching for no real reason at all. 

okay, thats it for me this sunday! share with me your favorite movies, or the movie you most recently saw in the comments. i saw frozen on friday and thought it was pretty cute! is idina menzel the most amazing, or what??! she can do no wrong in my book!


  1. *gasp* no Top Gun?!?!? Slaps you. LOL...actually, the only reason I love TG is because I watched it repeatedly as a 13 year old girl (yes, we would rewind the volleyball/shirtless guy scene over and over!) and it holds memories for me. The content had nothing to do with it. ;) I have never seen Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, I'll have to look it up! This was fun to read, made me think of my favorites (Lord of The Rings and Breakfast Club...what a mix!)

    1. LOL I was wondering who the first slap would come from :)

      BREAKFAST CLUB!!! YES!! That is a movie I could get in the mood to watch at any time. It just hits on everything you want in a movie.

  2. Haha my mom and I rented this movie about puppies once, and we thought the same thing about them as you did about squirrels. Well it looked like the movie had been filmed with someone's camcorder. It was awful.

    I've never seen Top Gun, and now I'm kind of happy about that!

    1. Ugh - why are we kind enough to give some movies a chance?? Hahaha I'm a sucker for cute animal movies but they usual are the worst :(

  3. I've actually never seen Top Gun and have had no desire to see it even though it's so popular and a "must see" in some people's books. I don't really think I have one favorite movie..when I was in middle school I was obsessed with A Walk to Remember and now it just makes me sad haha. I'm more into light-hearted movies now like Because I Said So, The Heat, Bridesmaids..I could probably go on forever, but animated films are also a fav of mine now even more so than I when I was younger. I need to see Frozen! :)

    1. Go see Frozen! It is a little different than most Disney movies, at least I thought so - but in a good way!

      Bridesmaids was epic. I also like The Heat - movies with a strong comedic female lead have been really good lately. I approve!

  4. I have never seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind- I should change that, huh!

    Top Gun is something I reckon would be a sleeping pill too...pretty masculine of me saying this, but I despise action movies! Idina Menzel can sing defying gravity on repeat- her voice is epic.

    Thank you so much for linking up- A great chance to check out new blogs out there!

    1. Thank you for another Idina lover! She's incredible. Frozen reminded me a bit of Wicked, but it was probably because of her voice!

      Thanks for hosting the link up :)

  5. My favorite movies, hmm, that is a tough one. I think it would have to be Sweet Home Alabama! ( Hey, I'm so excited I am finally able to comment on your blog with ease!)

    1. YAY! I'm glad you can finally comment! LOL :)

      I don't think I've ever seen Sweet Home Alabama, is that bad?

  6. Love this post :) I don't watch nearly enough movies so this was fun to read. The movie I most recently saw was the latest Hunger Games movie - I thought it was pretty awesome!

    1. YES! I LOVED the latest Hunger Games! I think they did a really good job with it. I'm nervous to see the third one, because of all the violence. Hopefully they figure out a way to not make it a gore fest!


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