Wednesday, December 25, 2013

(not so) wordless wednesday: scenes from the season

i haven't posted a ton this month because its been so busy. instead of a massive recap, enjoy some photos of the last couple months :) happy holidays to you and yours!

ann arbor turkey trot - look @ all the turkey hats!

turkey trotters - a family tradition

festive cookies i made for a senior party - auto awesomed!

new dog bed that became a cat bed

our 2013 holiday card

my christmas present to myself :) :)

baby girl <3

gift i made that i am super proud of

did my first ever snow trail run - a 5k race at night!

i took lots of pet pictures on my new phone (the moto x)

the gorgeous fireplace decorated by my holiday elf, brandon

the b1g ten championship game in indy - one of the best
days of my life, hands down

obsessed with reindeers and reindeer cam

the lovely goodies my oiselle secret santa sent me


  1. Those turkey hats are so funny! We're they giving them out at the race?

    Those cookies look amazing! Christmas is over but I still think I need to make those!

    Also, that gift you made looks gorgeous, what is it!

    Hope you had a very Merry Christmas Alicia!

    1. Yes! They gave out your choice of turkey hats or santa hats at registration. I thought it was a great idea - I heard they're doing all turkey hats next year :)

      The gift was a mason jar mug filled with little pampering gifts: chapstick, hot cocoa, hand lotion, chocolates, nail polish, Starbucks gift card. The shimmery paper and swan ornament just topped it off :)

      Hope you had a merry Christmas as well!

  2. Nice picture recap!! The holiday card looks adorable!

    1. Thank you! I love holiday cards :) One of my favorite parts of the season!

  3. That reindeer cam is my local zoo! Merry Christmas, enjoy the game!

    1. Thats so awesome! Do you know if there are arctic foxes behind the reindeer? I've been trying to figure out whats in the other pen. Looks like a great zoo to visit :)

      Merry Christmas!


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