Sunday, December 1, 2013

no seconds december starts today!

while we didn't get enough participants to do a "formal" challenge, no seconds december kicks off today and i'm really looking forward to it! the idea is simple: no second helpings for the month of december. as a reminder, i'll share the guidelines i created for the challenge below.

i was able to go "seconds free" for two thanksgiving celebrations this week and i felt awesome (mentally and physically). i didn't have to loosen my belt or immediately throw some sweatpants on. for once, i felt in control and that i didn't need to deprive myself in order to not go "overboard" on the holidays goods.

here are my "no seconds december" guidelines

  • no second helpings (duh).
  • this counts for alcohol, too. so sip on that delightful beverage slowly ;)
  • desserts, if separate from dinner, do not count as "seconds." but, if you go back for more dessert, that is considered a second helping.
  • the only acceptable type of second helping (if absolutely necessary) may be plain fruits or veggies. this means nothing soaked in oils, butter or other flavor additives. here's the catch, before you reach for the helping of veggies or fruit, seriously think about if you're hungry or not. have a full glass of water and then wait a few minutes before deciding to cash in on the legumes!
  • success = some kind of success rate. you can make this whatever you need it to be. if you slip up, thats totally fine - you won't be able to go your whole life without enjoying a second helping so the goal here isn't perfection or deprivation. my target success rate is 85% or about 26-27 days out of the month without second helpings. 

you can still participate informally! just add your blog link to the  challenge page. the challenge runs from today to december 31st. there's a spreadsheet tracker you can use to document your progress. i encourage you to give yourself a reward at the end of the challenge if you reach your goals - whether its "x" amount of days without second helpings or "x" total points at the end of the challenge.

i also made a cute little banner you can put up on your site. feel free to nab it with the code below.

<center><a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="No Seconds December Challenge" src=""></a></center>

even though we didn't make this a formal challenge, i'm here to support you! here's to a month of feeling good about the food decisions we make :)

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  1. Hey there!!! Thanks for reaching out to me - I'm back! Due to work and life, I haven't had time to keep up with blogging lately, but I'm posting and catching up on my favorite blogs. :) I LOVE this challenge!! I am trying to get off my rollercoaster of calorie obsession/emotional eating meltdowns, and looking for ways to incorporate healthy habits into my lifestyle. This is a great idea, especially for the holidays. :) I found it too late to start today, but I'm in! :)


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