Friday, November 8, 2013

i have a race next weekend?

sometimes i think time crawls by when you're battling an injury, but recently, time has just flown right over my head and it even had time to run a few laps around me. its basically mid-november and i have a race next weekend! how did that happen??

i'm trying not to panic, but really, i am in no way prepared for this race. prior to the injury, i had anticipated i'd be able to pr this race without effort after coming off two half marathons. but since i've only managed one run a week, and i've had to stop nearly all of them short due to pain, i was almost considering not doing the race next weekend at all.

but, if you know me, that is not an option. i'll crawl to the finish line if i have to.

just when i thought all was lost, something beautiful happened yesterday.

for a little context: i am on my third pair of running shoes in the past month. not joking - i have seriously purchased three pairs of running shoes in the last thirty days. which reminds me, i have a women's pair of brooks addictions, size 10.5 and wide width, if anyone is looking for a new pair of shoes. minimal miles on them! :) 

the current pair i'm testing i bought this week in pure desperation. i tried them yesterday for the first time (after stuffing my feet with toe caps and into toe socks). needless to say, my feet were a little crammed with all the extra padding. BUT the padding is the ONLY pain i think i felt on my attempt at a run. AND i was able to go 4 miles! this is the furthest distance i've managed since the half marathon and the least amount of pain i've had. it felt like a miracle.

granted, i'm slower than i have been in the last year, but i'm running. and that is a success for me.

so here's hoping these shoes will work out. not only have i been a shoe fiend, but i'm also trying to learn good form running. this has screwed up my gait and form a bit, but i'm hoping in the long term the good form running will pay off in less injuries and more efficient running.

i'm also trying to get custom orthotics to see if that helps with the shoe problems and helps with the suspected pronation related injuries. i also just purchased a pair of dancer's pads to see if that helps alleviate pressure/pain on my big toe.

who said running was cheaper than therapy? i am a good example of how its not!

has anyone else gone into obsession mode and purchased a bunch of stuff in an attempt to solve a problem, whether its injury related or not? i hope i'm not the only one!


  1. YAY! At least you found a pair that work! Where did you buy the other pair? Sometimes running stores have really good return policies so you can try them for 30-60 days to make sure they work for you....Might be worth checking in to!
    What race are you doing next weekend? I have one too!

    1. I'm doing the Kona Hot Chocolate 10k! Which one are you doing?

  2. HAHA so funny about running being cheaper than therapy. It still is cheaper for me, but that's because I have one pair of running shoes that still haven't hit their mile limit, and I haven't had any problems with them. I know I am extremely lucky for that! Good luck with your race!

  3. Hope this pair is the pair that works for you. I completely understand the shoe/injury woes!


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