Tuesday, October 15, 2013

the battle continues...

this is a vent. not a cry for sympathy (though it is a cry for answers/solutions, if anyone has them).

i'm also sorry for the foot picture (feet are nasty), but underneath that pink bandage is a mutilated toe and running related injury.

things aren't getting better. in fact, they're getting worse. and while i had a sunny disposition about it all on vacation, when i got home and got back into reality i quickly got salty, upset and frustrated.

what do i have to do to be able to run without injury? without assaulting my poor toe? without having to limp walk to the end of a race? how many more pairs of shoes do i have to buy? or how many assessments at physical therapy will this take? is there even an explanation for whats going on and even more importantly, a course of action to heal and prevent this from happening again?

injuries are frustrating no matter when they hit. this injury is even more frustrating because it happened at the peak of my performance. i'm faster than i've ever been and was primed to reach my sub two-hour goal. and while i totally understand that if we PR'd every race there would be no challenge, i still wanted my return to half marathons to be awesome, not frustrating and awful like they have been.

i am trying to look on the bright side of having a few months to physically and mentally recover/heal/prep before my next big race, but right now everything feels like an unknown road ahead of me, rather than a clear cut path to running pain free and happy again.


  1. Just hang in there. I know it's frustrating to be set back from any goal, but just take the time and energy to get better so that you can reach those goals eventually. You'll get there, and after all of this, it'll be even better when you do!

    1. Thanks Caitlin. I'm such an action oriented person, its hard to have patience. But patience is usually what moves things along in the right direction, so I'm keeping that top of mind as much as I can :)

  2. Ugh, how frustrating! I know this feeling. Do not entertain the idea that you can't and won't figure this out. I seem plagued with injuries every few months and I just have to push through it b/c there's no stopping me once I make up my mind. The shoe issue is frustrating as well, I feel like I find a shoe and it works for a couple months, then it injures me. Then I find a new shoe that makes it all better and everything is good for a few months and then BAM another injury. Hang in there!

    1. YES - I feel you with the shoes! They seem fine for the first month or so and then BAM, all of a sudden they're terrible! What gives??

  3. Sometimes it just takes time. I have been through 3 such major injuries over the years. And every time I rested more, the stronger I returned.

    As robust as our body is, everytime the body goes through the shock of an injury, it takes longer than we expect , for it to rebuild and regain its former strength. As you might already know, every time the body rebuilds the muscle tissue it strengthens it 1 additional layer of tissue at a time. So in essence it just take a little while, but it defn is getting better.

    So I would say, take a break and just focus on the mental preparation. The training on the mental side might help you focus more when you return.

    Again none of this might be new to you, but some times its just about the support. Keep it going Alicia, you will get faster and stronger.

  4. Hang in there!! I know how you feel, one week before my second half marathon I *tweaked* my foot. It hurt to walk that whole week and was quite swollen. I thought I would be tough and power through it, taking loads of drugs to keep the swelling and pain down. Well I ran my half and cried through the last 11 miles and told my husband at the finish line I was never running again. Went to the doc for an xray the next day and discovered I broke a super tiny bone in my foot. Well that meant no running until it was healed and my goal for running the Detroit Marathon (my first ever) this weekend was not going to happen. I should have taken it easy when the injury happened (surprisingly only took a few weeks to heal completely). One of these years I will do a marathon!!! Wait out your injury so you do not hurt yourself worse. It stinks but is the best thing you can do for your body to heal properly.

    Yes finding shoes stink! The doc told me to get new shoes to support my injured foot better. I found pair that did it but every time I run more than 6 miles I get a blister on that foot...so frustrating!

    Mentally prepare yourself so when it is time to do the physical challenge you will kick ass!

  5. Well I don't have advice, but I can commiserate with you. I'm taking it very, very slowly these days, only because I'm determined to run this one last race. What happened to the middle toe? Was it blister related, because that is something that you probably CAN prevent. That's what I'm trying to do - look at the positives that I can change. I can't fix my IT band, but I can get special socks to prevent blisters. I can't stop my knee from hurting, but I can explore other fitness classes until I can get back in shape. And most likely, I can't run a half marathon this season, but I can train to be even stronger next year and try it again then.

    That's lame and I know that a lot of times when I'm feeling down, I don't want to hear positivity, but sometimes we all need to. Thinking about you and hoping things get better!


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