Sunday, October 13, 2013

progress check #3: 2013 healthy habit goals

i can't believe october is here (13 days in, so i'm a little late on this). i'm not sure where the year went. does anyone else know? anyway, here's where i'm at with the goals i set for myself at the beginning of 2013. 

fitness related:

  • add variety into my routine by trying new workouts, classes, etc. 
    • progress: while i tried some new classes earlier in the year, i haven't done anything new since. most of that is because running is priority #1 and i don't want to get injured trying something new! however, i'm taking october and novemeber "off" of training, so here' hoping i can get something new in here.
  • make my new local meetup group a smashing success: getting more fitness oriented women together
    • progress: this took a large backburner with all the work travel i did in the last quarter. will try and do something before the year ends!
  • get over my fear and try a fitness solutions class at the gym
    • progress: still hasn't happened. pretty much because this class doesn't go with any of my current training goals.

running related:

  • train for and beat high school 5k pr of 25:05 
    • completed! 5k pr of 24:34 on march 10th!!! i also hit my second goal of running a 5k in under 24 minutes on june 9th! BAM!
  • train for and run at least one half marathon (should i go for the time goal? under 2 hours half marathon)
    • completed! on september 22nd, i completed the detroit women's half marathon! now i'm working towards that time goal of a sub two-hour half marathon.
  • complete the 5k challenge
  • complete the RAW 2012 challenge 
    • completed, but missed mileage goal by 35 miles.

food related:

  • be an ibs eating-well champion (learn as much i can to feel better)
    • progress: well i've remained about 90% gluten free, i've fallen off the band wagon when it comes to almost everything else low fodmap. with running i tend to ignore the food rules and just focus on fueling my body. not great here.
  • learn how to bake gluten-free
    • progress: hoping i can sign up for a holiday cookie gluten free baking class. good luck finding one, right?
  • stick to "the plan" on holidays
    • progress: my chance is coming up with thanksgiving, christmas, holiday parties and new years. i can do it!
  • cut back on fancy espresso drinks from coffee shops
    • progress: this has been all over the place. when pumpkin spice lattes hit the shops, i swear i had five in that first week. i am slowly cutting back and the "new" budget will help with that, i hope!
  • drink. more. water.
    • progress: still less than perfect here, but getting better. i am trying to bring a water bottle with me everywhere i go, especially at work and that seems to help.

money related:

  • participate in the $5 savings club
    • progress: in the second quarter of the year, i had $165 saved up. as of october 1st, i had $295 saved up, which is a 18% increase!
  • track expenses and categorize them to understand spending habits
    • progress:  this is always a complete fail.
  • pay off 1 of 2 remaining student loans
    • progress: done!!!!!!! so excited to only have one student loan left!
  • cut back on impulse purchases
    • progress: i have gotten a lot better about this, especially going into a new job with lower compensation. i really evaluate the "do i need this?" question and think about "is $X really worth the value of this item?" and that seems to help me put things back on the shelf.

blogging related:

  • write shorter posts (don't bore people with your drawn out chatter)
    • progress: this is hit and miss. sometimes i just have a lot to say! but i am more conscious of what i'm writing and if i can shorten things up more so than i ever was.
  • attend a blogger conference (or some sort of organized gathering)
    • progress: this is not going to happen this year unless something locally comes up at the end of october or november. anyone out there planning anything?? 
  • build a great, supportive blogging network
    • progress: i think this continues to grow. i'm always meeting someone new virtually that i love connecting with. i've even met a blogger friend in person, which is exciting! next up is meeting the oiselle lady bloggers :)

hobby related:

  • write, write, write (make time for it, alicia!)
    • progress: i am currently taking a creative writing class online so its helping me to get my writing in. staying on top of the assignments is a little bit of a challenge, but its more creative writing than i've done all year!
  • golf more! really focus on improving swing and relaxing on the course (golf is not life or death)
    • progress: i didn't get in as much golf as i wanted to this season. i really need to get back with a golf pro and have them help me with my swing. maybe thats something i can do this winter.
  • learn how to snowboard (27th birthday bucket list)
    • progress: this didn't happen in jan or feb. maybe in december?
  • read. read. read.
    • progress: i read a couple books, but i'm pretty weak here. hopefully i will get some time on vacation to read a bit and then make time for it during winter holidays.

home related:

  • get moose back into dog training
    • progress: still trying to get moose back into training. with football season, none of the classes fit our schedule!
  • create a cleaning schedule or suck it up and hire a cleaning person once/month
    • progress: this is a joke. since i hate cleaning, the pressure is on for a cleaning company. my close friends all rave about having one... time to give into peer pressure?
  • continue to track gas mileage/fill ups 
    • progress: nope.
  • bathroom remodel
    • complete! and it's gorgeous and i love it. and i still (what, 9 months later?) need to post pictures.

people related:

  • spend more time being proactive in friendships (go the distance)
    • progress: hard for me to judge this one. i think i've been more social than i normally am but with all the training, travel and races in the past quarter its been tough. this is something that could always be improved whether its a goal or not!
  • don't be afraid to make new friends
    • progress: making new friends as an adult is hard... seriously.

okay, your turn for a progress check! how are you doing on your 2013 goals?? going to switch anything up now that we have three months left in the year? what is that last push going to be?


  1. I haven't even looked at my goals in forever... ugh.

  2. 2013 is going well, I have fallen off the wagon a bit on goals...but there are still a few months left!

    1. That's the spirit - you've got a few months left to do what you set out to do!

  3. Maybe things will be different now that you have a new job, but if you are traveling all the time, you deserve to come home to a clean and comfortable house. I FIRMLY believe that if you don't have the time or energy to do it yourself, but it's still important to you, you should hire a cleaning service. It will be worth the money not to have to deal with the headache.

    Great job on your goals! I don't make goals often enough, but reading this makes me want to get started and do it next year maybe. I agree, WHERE has 2013 gone?

    1. Now that I am traveling less, I guess I do have to be more productive, domestic and clean, right? A good change for me - gotta think of it that way!

  4. Looks like you got A LOT of your running goals completed...That's awesome! Life goals are always harder to tackle...Especially the making new friends thing. I've lived in MI for just over a year now and I have very few new friends...and I used to be so good at it! haha

    1. Thanks girl!

      I am dumbfounded by the friend thing too. It never used to be such an issue but I just feel so socially awkward now! What gives?!


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