Tuesday, August 20, 2013

this is CRIM race week

i've been quiet on the blog and insanely busy offline - so this is going to be short and sweet!

this saturday is the CRIM - a 10 mile run in flint, michigan. this is my first race of this distance and i'm really trying to treat it more as a training run for the two half marathons coming up in the next few months.

i ended last week with a 9 mile run with my sister, to see if we'd be able to run together this saturday. the run went pretty well but it wasn't near the pace i've been maintaining in training or aiming for on race day. so this makes me a little nervous for pacing on my own for 10 miles. if i'm being honest about my goals for this race, i would say that i really want to beat my dad's best CRIM time which was 1:33:49 in 1981. we'll see how close i can get!

in my oiselle mio mesh tank, right before my 9 miler

this week, i've got two 5 mile runs to work in before the race. the first i did tonight and it was really tough. it is super hot out and i was under fueled. the good news, however, is no cramps! so that is a step in the right direction.

not sure how i'm going to get the second one in, but i'll do my best. i'm starting the absolutely no-gluten pre-race "purge" and slowly building up my carb in-take as the week progresses. i think this will put me in good shape for race day!

hope everyone has been having a great week - share something positive with me about whats going on in your life before you go! 


  1. Amy @ Long Drive JourneyAugust 21, 2013 at 9:30 AM

    I got in three successful one mile runs with no IT band pain! Woot woot!

    Have fun at your race girl! Missing you in the blogosphere! I hope things offline are going well!

  2. So happy you're not having pain! This is great news :) :) There is SO much going on over here - I am anxious to be able to share it all when I have a second to breathe!

  3. Good luck with this :) I have no doubt you can pace yourself as you want, you've got this!

  4. Good luck this weekend!!! Sending you good vibes! Good news for me? I was able to last more than 5 mins of running with a forefoot strike. I've been plagued with IT band pain for the last year so I'm changing my stride to see if it helps. It's been a sloooooow process but I'm happy with any progress!

  5. Thank you - and congrats on the progress with your stride! Changing a stride is so, so, so hard!! I hope you find it helps with your IT band pain!

  6. I have always wanted to run Crim. Maybe next year I will!
    Have fun!

  7. Thank you! I'll let you know how it is :)


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