Friday, August 30, 2013

five things friday: freakin' fabulous edition

i'm having a freakin' fabulous friday and here are five reasons why:

1) it's game day!! 
my college football season starts today which means its my favorite time of the year. my team, michigan state spartans, kicks off today with their first home game. despite the warnings of severe weather, i'm really looking forward to watching some football tonight. go green!

this stadium is basically my third home. photo from

2) my oiselle race kit came today!
i'm officially, officially a bird you guys! i pretty much want to wear this singlet around everywhere. i can do that, right? even more exciting was the beautiful hoodie that came with my kit and some fun tattoos! i love tattoos!


thanks, oiselle!

3) not one, but two runner's world magazines came today!
i finally caved and bought a subscription to runner's world. my first two issues came just in time for a long weekend!

who says all print is dead?

4) brandon's birthday is this weekend!!
brandon is lucky that he pretty much gets a three day weekend for his birthday every year. i'm excited to celebrate with him in a pure michigan way!

enjoying pure michigan last summer

5) girls who code rocks!
i had the pleasure of being involved with the detroit chapter of girls who code this week. i participated in a career panel with them at my office on monday and attended their graduation banquet last night. these girls are doing things i never dreamed of at their age, and they are getting a chance to dream and explore opportunities that they usually don't have access to. i have nothing but the highest hopes for these girls and how they're going to change the world!

what's fabulous about your friday? hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday weekend!! :)


  1. You look great in your singlet! Congrats, again! :)

  2. Love this post :) Full of awesomeness!!! Happy birthday Brandon!

  3. Amy @ Long Drive JourneySeptember 3, 2013 at 10:10 AM

    Girls who code sounds amazing (not that I know anything about coding, but I like the girl power)! I hope you and Brandon had a fun weekend!

  4. That sounds like an awesome weekend! Hope you enjoyed it! :)

  5. I don't know anything about coding either - but it was the girl power that got me. These girls were coding robots to do the harlem shake! They mixed technology with fun and I just loved it.


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