Friday, August 2, 2013

five things friday: foodie edition

i'm linking up with susan today for a five things foodie style post! here are five foodie things that i'm lovin' lately.

#1 lara alt bars and quest protein bars
hands down these are my two favorite protein bars. each has a flair of their own - the lara alt bars have the texture of a granola or normal nut bar. the quest bars have very little carbs and lots of fiber. so there's a bar for whatever snack need i may have! my favorite alt bar flavor is the lemon pound cake. my two favorite quest bar flavors are chocolate chip cookie dough and banana nut muffin. put the chocolate chip cookie dough in the microwave for a few seconds - you'll swear you're eating a real cookie!

#2 reuben egg rolls from hackney's in chicago
after the b1g ten 10k last weekend, we went to a diner's, drive-in's and dives spot called hackney's. we had the most insane reuben egg rolls - i mean, they're so amazing i can barely describe how awesome they are. if you love reubens you will be over the moon for these!

#3 oikos frozen greek yogurt (chocolate)
the first time i tried frozen greek yogurt i hated it. but i've been craving ice cream in the worst way and wanted something that had less fat in it. enter the frozen greek yogurt. to my surprise, it is really good! in fact, i ate a whole pint of it over the course of the week. yum!

#4 pudding shots
the weather in michigan feels like fall and it has me thinking about football which has me thinking about tailgating and that has me thinking about pudding shots! i started an official pudding shot spreadsheet today to organize all my flavor recipes and write down any flavor ideas i had. check out the pudding shot recipe i posted last year for pineapple upside down cake pudding shots - they're so good! i'll be sure to post another recipe this fall. who wants to join in the test tasting?!!? :)

didn't see a #5 in the picture up there? you're not crazy, its not there. #5 is kind of a cheat, but i have been thinking a lot about my chicken dinner kit giveaway this week. the giveaway closes tomorrow, so make sure you enter tonight or first thing tomorrow morning if you want a chance to win!

what foodie things have you had on your mind this week? would you try reuben egg rolls? got any ideas for pudding shot flavors? i love a good challenge!


  1. I LOOOVE the chocolate chip cookie dough Quest bars!!!

  2. Right?? They're sooo amazing! I need to get to GNC and buy more. My stash is out!

  3. I have the quest bars on order, so I'm hoping I love them :)

  4. I really hope my recommendation doesn't disappoint! I'll buy the rest off you, if so :)

  5. This is making me hungry, haha! Holy moly - pudding shots sound amazing! Sound like a tasty alternative to the popular (and dangerously fast working) jello shots! I really enjoy Larabars but haven't tried protein bars. Will try them! Also, I've been on the fence about trying frozen Greek yogurt, so I'll have to check them out. :)

  6. I am a total foodie!

    I've had my eye on Quest bars, but haven't tried them yet. For me this week I have wanted dried mango from Costco. I tried another brand and didn't like it, but finally today and I got some from Costco and have sneaking pieces all night.

  7. Oikos Frozen yogurt and Lara bars are some of my favorites, too! Yummy! Reuben Egg Rolls sound amazing!

  8. Yes - pudding shots are dangerous b/c most of the time you can't taste the alcohol. It can be a wonderful thing until it hits you :) Haha

  9. Costco... is...!!!! I haven't tried the dried mango from there, but I'm sure I'd love it. I buy a lot of food there, which surprises me.


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