Wednesday, July 10, 2013

the weekly run-down: starting half marathon training

the past two weeks i took "off" from my structured training. i mostly took them off because i've been in this awful funk of not being motivated to run or eat well. i'm really not sure where it started but it carried on for way too long. i was still running weekly, but i would put off my runs and then would have to try and cram them in during the weekend, which is not a smart idea.

to combat the "funk" i took the past two weeks "off" and didn't pay attention to what my trainer wrote down for me. instead i decided to run whatever i felt like, whenever i felt like it. doing that sometimes is enough to give me a kick in the butt and jump start my motivation again. it seemed to work as i rocked out my 4 mile run this morning!

last week's training & this week's:

i didn't run 6 yesterday. don't know how to
delete that off dailymile scheduling...

this week starts officially (in my mind) training for the detroit women's half marathon. i'm really excited for this race because its the inaugural race and it will be my first half marathon back in action!  i feel fortunate that i've been in contact with the race organizers to try and spread the word about this race and they've listed me as one of their favorite bloggers :) i'm basically a celebrity now! i also am leading a team called "the lady rockstars" for this race. so if you haven't signed up yet, you should register under my team so i can send you our special team tattoo!

training kicked off this morning with an awesome
4 miler (bright & early)!

to prep for this race, i have two other races scheduled. the first is the B1GTen 10k in the end of july and the 10 mile CRIM in august. i'm really excited for both races because i haven't done either of them before and each is historic in their own way. 

but all of these races are leading up to "the big one" which is the southernmost half marathon in key west in october. this is the race i'm trying to pr. this is the race where i really, really want to run a sub 2 hour half marathon. i know the odds are against me considering i'm just getting back into being an endurance athlete but i'm going to try anyway. i'm faster than i've ever been before and my current paces put me in pr range as of now. so i'm optimistic and i'm going to go for it!

obstacles along the way? fueling is still an issue although i think i've found a winner with the gnc pro amp endurance product. it seems to be doing the job but we'll see how it goes once i get into higher miles again. another issue i'm still running into (pun intended again) is shoes. i'm having a lot of inner ankle/tendon soreness and i'm starting to wonder if i'm in the wrong shoe (yet again). i have less than 50 miles on this new pair, and less than 150 on the pair before that - i can't keep buying shoes! not sure what to do here so i'm going to work on ankle pre-hab and hope that helps!

how do you get out of running or workout "funks"? are you training or prepping for anything? do you buy as many running shoes as i do? i'm so fed up!


  1. Can you return the shoes? I know a lot of running stores offer that. I have little suggestion for shoes as the pair I use for everything isn't a typical branded running shoe and I don't log the miles you. ..

  2. I've been in that same funk for about 6 weeks now! I know you;ll bounce back and be just fine.

    I agree with Susan, return the shoes! Depending on where you bought them, it shouldn't be a problem.

  3. I bought them at Dick's Sporting Goods.... so I'm doubtful I can return them? I guess it couldn't hurt to try

  4. I'm starting my half training... sometime soon.. lol. (for Freep).

    The Women's one looks super fun, but think it's a bit too early for me in the year to be prepared. That is so cool to be one of their favorite bloggers!! What an honor!

    How long have you been running? Your 4 mile time looks crazy good, and I feel I will never be so fast! :)

  5. Amy @ Long Drive JourneyJuly 11, 2013 at 8:52 AM

    I get in running funks, too. Normally I get out of them in a few days, and once I actually make myself run, I'm happy that I did it. I try to remember that, but I think it's good that you took some time off. Have you been to a running store and gotten fitted for shoes? I know the shoes there are always more expensive, but maybe if you invested in a pair early on, you would know what brand to buy from them on and you could get all of your subsequent pairs online.

  6. Yay for you!!!! I'm so excited for you!! FreeP!! I've always wanted to do that race but am a little scared to (because of the underwater tunnel). I hope you'll blog about your training/experience, right?!!? :)

    I've been running for a pretty long time, but I tell ya, my paces have only improved as much as they have in about a year. Prior to this, I couldn't get past a 9 minute mile and this past year, I've just been able to improve my times dramatically. I think it goes to show that there's no "magic number" - improving can be different (and weird) for everyone!

  7. You're right about taking that first step out the door, it can really help. That's the hardest part, really!

    I have been fitted SO many times and each person says something different. The most recent time I had someone watch me on a treadmill and they said I've been buying the wrong shoes my whole life (shocker). So I have been trying to do what they have said but still nothing feels right :/

    This makes me want to start a business like Netflix, but for running shoes, where you can try as many pairs and send them back, to find ones that really work!!

  8. I bought them at Dick's, so I have no idea how lenient they will be. Good news is that I still have the receipt, so it might be worth a try, or even beg them to exchange??

  9. Absolutely will blog about "training" and for sure blog about the race itself.

    I'm super excited about the international part!!

  10. I always wanted to run the Crim - jealous! I think you can PR it and your paces are great to go for the sub-2. :)

  11. Hope you enjoyed your time off and it helped get you out of your funk. I know that feeling all too well and a little time off usually does the trick! Hope you have a great week!

  12. Thanks Karen! I think it did help. I am feeling a little more like "myself" and am thankful for that! Could use some more time to sleep, though :)

  13. This is the first time I've even considered the Crim. It was a spontaneous sign up, thats for sure. I'm excited for it - there's a lot of hype so I hope I'm not setting expectations too high!

  14. I don't think there's anything wrong with taking a break from "the grind" so to speak! Our program often has down weeks (this week is one!) to let us recover a little mentally and physically before tackling the next goal. Yay for your half-marathon training! I plan to get back into half-marathon training once I hit my 5K goal. I miss the longer runs! I have some friends who are racing Southernmost! That sounds like a lot of fun! Good luck!

  15. You should jump on the bandwagon and do the Southernmost, too :) :) Peer pressure? haha

    And you're right. Recovering mentally is just as important as recovering physically. I think its easy to have that totally not be top of mind though, or even considered!


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