Saturday, July 13, 2013

running in men's shoes

after a couple suggestions from my beloved friends to return my less than a month old brooks ravennas, i did. and what i got might surprise you, because it sure surprised me!

yesterday i made a last minute decision to try my boyfriend's brooks adrenaline gts shoes on my 5 mile interval run. i figured i didn't have much to lose and if they felt good then i was in an even better position than when i started. 

the result? i had no inner tendon pain on my entire run! it was a night and day difference from the ravennas i had been running in. 

post-run, brandon and i headed out to the store to try and return my shoes. i am very grateful that dick's sporting goods allowed me to return my shoes (their return policy requires the shoebox, which i didn't have). they kindly let me swap out my shoes for a brand new pair of men's adrenaline gts. i also bought a couple other things (socks and a pair of compression shorty shorts) to show my appreciation to the store.

my new men's shoes!

so here's the deal. i have no idea if its "smart" for a woman to run in men's shoes, or vice versa. in fact, i'm shocked i didn't research this prior to making the trek to dick's. but i figure why should it matter? and if the shoe fits and works well for my purposes, then who cares??? i mean, they aren't the prettiest things i've ever worn on my feet, but neither were my old clunky brooks addictions from back in the day! 

i'm excited to give these a go on my run on sunday. i'll keep ya'll posted.

what do you think about running in men's shoes (or in women's, if you're a man)? have you done this before? would you consider doing it?


  1. All the colloquialisms we know come from some type of truth in practice. "If the shoe fits, wear it.". :)

  2. I love my adrenalin.s They were my first brooks, then because they looked cool, I bought the ravennas. After 9 miles of wear and very sore legs and shins, I too have decided to trade them in. Unfortunately the store in my town won't take them back, BUT I called Brooks directly and I'm going to exchange them for adrenalin 13. I put in my old adrenalines for my run on Thursday and it made all the difference with just one run. Wonder if we are the only two who didn't like the ravennas?

  3. Amanda @ There are 2 SidesJuly 13, 2013 at 7:48 PM

    I could care less if my shoes were mens or womens. Is there a difference in the fit? I mean, aren't all feet essentially the same??

    Love that you found me...I am now following you! Where in MI are you anyways??

  4. I think a lot of women run in men's shoes actually. A girlfriend of mine has only ever worn mens shoes because they tend to have more on clearance in mens at the short store than women's - and she's rocked out some fab milage in them. If you run without pain - go for it :)

  5. Interesting. I guess I am just late to the men's shoe party! I do see a lot of men's stuff on clearance way more often than women's. Wonder why that is...

  6. Agree with you! I am not sure what would be different between men feet and women feet except size, maybe. But that's what shoe sizes are for!

    I am in Ann Arbor :) So not too far from the Ohio border!

  7. I'm so glad Brooks with exchange them! I hadn't thought about contacting them - that's a great idea! So sorry the Ravenna's made you hurt so badly! I know they are a really popular shoe so I was a little surprised they didn't work for me either! I'm glad to hear you like the Adrenalines, too. That gives me confidence in my choice :)

  8. Thank you for letting me use your shoes :)

  9. Amy @ Long Drive JourneyJuly 15, 2013 at 11:20 AM

    Great news! I don't think men's and women's feet are so different that you can't wear men's shoes. I know that you're supposed to go up a size and a half/two sizes when you buy running shoes, so my Saucony Grid Cohesions are probably comparable to a men's shoe once I do that.

  10. +1 to the going up sizes. I think my last pair were too small, but I was able to run in them for 150 miles and they felt fine. All of a sudden it felt like I was trying to cram my feet into shoes two sizes too small. So weird!!

  11. I've wondered about this because I need wide shoes, and currently I buy women's wides. But not all models come in a wide. Maybe I'll try it, for some reason I was never sure about it but I know quite a few ladies who wear men's shoes.

  12. I have the wide feet thing too ... so I'm starting to think this is why the men's shoes feel better!


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