Monday, July 15, 2013

race recap: the color run 5k

this weekend i participated in the #happiest5k on the planet, so the color run says. thats right. i stepped out of my normal racing mode and into the social element of 5ks. this is not an easy leap for me as my instinct is to race once i hit a starting line, but i signed up to do the color run with one of my closest friends that i don't get to see very often. so this was a social 5k for me. (plus, this race isn't timed, so i don't see the point of trying to race it, anyway!)

saturday. 6:30am i was on the road with two rockstar energy drinks in hand. its about an hour and fifteen minutes to get to my hometown of lansing from where i live which means i have to be up early for a 9am race start. i didn't sleep well the night before either, so i was just a peach come wake up time.

15,000 people showed up for this race. 15,000. that is nuts for my hometown. basically everyone you could possibly be connected to was there, but you wouldn't be able to find them. the proof is that my facebook news feed blew up with photos from the color run but i didn't see a single one of those people during the nearly 3 hours i spent at the race site.

me before. i actually like these race shirts

me and my buddy amy waiting in the start corral 

packets of color you get to throw at people, or dump
on yourself

along the course are color stations where volunteers will squirt
colored pigment powder at you by using ketchup bottles

since the race was so crowded it was impossible to run the whole thing. jogging in and out of the crowd wasn't easy either so we did a walk/jog combo. fine by me!

it was also really hot, and there was only one water station along the course and it was only on one side of the road. so if you wanted water you really had to commit the time to wait and line and get it. i also thought getting water wasn't very easy in the post-race party area. but again, getting access to things isn't easy when you've got 15,000 colored-blobbed people roaming around!

post race

the three of us after a color bomb session in the after party.

i don't look as dirty as i felt

the color came off easier than i thought it would. a couple scrubs in the shower and i was looking as clean as ever. 

top things to consider when thinking about doing a color run:
  • do you do well with large crowds? if not, a color run might not be for you. 
  • do you like getting unnecessarily dirty? if yes, a color run might be for you. 
  • do you like to throw things at people, or have things thrown at you? if yes, a color run might be for you.
  • are you okay with being herded like cattle through a finish line? if yes, a color run might be for you.
  • do you like to do things just to say you did them? if yes, a color run might be for you.
  • do you like to people watch? if yes, a color run might be for you.
  • do you like inhaling powder, or substances that feel similar to tear gas? if not, a color run might not be for you.
  • are you okay with the possibility of tossing your race clothes after you're done? if yes, a color run might be for you.

all in all, the color run is not my cup of tea. but every experience makes me richer and i'm glad i got to spend some time with my buddy!

have you done a color run? what did you think of it? 


  1. I loved the color vibe, but I'm not a typical 5k racer either. I had zero intentions of anything didn't pay any attention to time. We got there early and got to start in the front, and we walked so slowly (it was my moms first) so we trickled in later. It was nice. I think it's something I'll probably never do again, simply because it's incredibly expensive for a 5k and full of chaos, but was fun :)

  2. Amanda @ There are 2 SidesJuly 15, 2013 at 5:48 PM

    I have never done a color run...don't really think I have one in my future. Not b/c they don't look fun but b/c it doesn't look any more fun than a regular 5k IMO. Eh, oh well. AND I just noticed that the Oiselle shirt you are wearing in your profile pic, I have the same on in purple. Love it!

  3. glad you had a great time and got to run a fun race with your friend! I had a blast at the Color Run in this race!

  4. Haha, cute review.

    I did my first color run last year (it was my 3rd 5k ever, and 7 months from my prior one). I took it way too seriously and just focused on the running part instead of the having fun part.. oops. Next time it would be awesome to do with a group of people, but I kind of prefer the races with a medal at the end.. ;)

  5. I agree - those "fancy" races can be so expensive. Do I really want to pay $60 to get covered in mud? No thanks :)

  6. It's not anymore fun than a regular 5k, IMO too! Different, but not anymore fun. But I guess runners have different perspectives on fun :)

    And YES!! I love my Oiselle shirt!! Isn't it sooo soft? The other shirt I have of theirs is so soft, too. I just love them!

  7. Unless it's a mud bath or massage, then I might consider.

  8. You and me both. I like the shiny object at the end! Haha

  9. I like your review - I've always been baffled by these mostly because I think I wouldn't be able to breathe. Not breathing sounds bad. :) From your outline, it's not for me, haha. I DO love the race shirt though!

  10. I've not done one and I don't think I will. It's not timed, it's overly crowded and it's expensive. Unfortunately, I have to be pretty selective with the races I pick thanks to my limited budget, and this one just doesn't fit the bill for me.

  11. Amanda @ There are 2 SidesJuly 16, 2013 at 9:24 AM

    Ugh, now I want a massage Susan.

  12. Amanda @ There are 2 SidesJuly 16, 2013 at 9:25 AM

    I have 3 or 4 of their shirts...And one of their running tanks. I would buy all of it if it was a touch cheaper.

  13. Amanda @ There are 2 SidesJuly 16, 2013 at 9:25 AM

    My step daughter and her mom did one in April and they said that they did have trouble breathing in the really thick cornstarch areas...

  14. I am glad you had fun! I have NO desire to do a fun run, color run, zombie run, etc... I think my little OCD-ish tendencies won't allow it! Haha!
    So glad I found you :) found me! ;)

  15. Yeah I think its my OCD that is part of the reason I don't enjoy them, either. Although the zombie thing is kinda intriguing but I don't want to be chased! Glad we found each other - how corny! Haha

  16. +1 to everything you said!!!!

  17. I tried to hold my breath but still got the powder in my mouth. Gross! The race swag was REALLY cute. Bags, fanny packs (they're back!), socks... you name it! Cute stuff.

  18. I couldn't understand why the volunteers weren't wearing Googles or covers over their mouths! They were COVERED in powder. I mean, the lady at the blue stop looked like a smurf!

  19. Can't we just wear running stuff for all of our wardrobe? Then I think I could justify a little more ;)

  20. I haven't yet, but I am doing Neon Splash Dash on the 27th! It looks fun so we will see!

  21. I haven't heard of the Neon Splash Dash, but it sounds way more fun than the Color Run. I always wanted to go to one of those bars where you splatter neon paint on yourselves... this is like that, but better! Have fun - looking forward to your race recap!


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