Saturday, July 6, 2013

progress check #2: 2013 healthy habit goals

not to freak anyone out, but the year is half way over. i swear time is going by faster than it ever has. since another quarter is gone its time to hold myself accountable and check in on my 2013 healthy habit goals!

fitness related:

  • add variety into my routine by trying new workouts, classes, etc. 
    • progress: while i tried some new classes earlier in the year, i haven't done anything new since. most of that is because running is priority #1 and i don't want to get injured trying something new!
  • make my new local meetup group a smashing success: getting more fitness oriented women together
    • progress: i've got a private zumba class scheduled for the group on july 14th and i posted a bunch of free events last month. something is better than nothing.
  • get over my fear and try a fitness solutions class at the gym
    • progress: still hasn't happened. pretty much because this class doesn't go with any of my current training goals.

running related:

  • train for and beat high school 5k pr of 25:05 
    • completed! 5k pr of 24:34 on march 10th!!! i also hit my second goal of running a 5k in under 24 minutes on june 9th! BAM!
  • train for and run at least one half marathon (should i go for the time goal? under 2 hours 1/2 marathon)
    • progress: i am signed up for two half marathons and will start officially training later in the month. woo hoo!
  • complete the 5k challenge
  • complete the RAW 2012 challenge 
    • completed, but missed mileage goal by 35 miles.

food related:

  • be an ibs eating-well champion (learn as much i can to feel better)
    • progress: meh i've realized i've got a lot to learn still before i can really be an ibs champion!
  • learn how to bake gluten-free
    • progress: i've dabbled and dipped my toes in, but far from knowing what i'm doing. my next step here would be to take a legit baking class
  • stick to "the plan" on holidays
    • progress: nope.
  • cut back on fancy espresso drinks from coffee shops
    • progress: these past few months have been a mess. i put myself on another budget, so i will try and really be dedicated to it going forward. 1 treat a week, or 4 a month and that. is. it!
  • drink. more. water.
    • progress: still less than perfect here. any advice? i bought some electrolyte powders and stuff to try and give me incentive to drink more.

money related:

  • participate in the $5 savings club
    • progress: in the first quarter of the year, i had $70 saved up. as of today, i have $165 saved up, which is a 135% increase!
  • track expenses and categorize them to understand spending habits
    • progress:  what is this goal again? but seriously, i analyzed 4 months of expenses a week ago, categorized them and then made a budget based on my spending habits. so i'd say having awareness is progress in this category!
  • pay off 1 of 2 remaining student loans
    • progress: done!!!!!!! so excited to only have one student loan left!
  • cut back on impulse purchases
    • progress: i am trying to be more conscious about this. i slacked off last month but now that i'm "back on" a budget plan, i will work hard to be diligent. 

blogging related:

  • write shorter posts (don't bore people with your drawn out chatter)
    • progress: this is hit and miss. sometimes i just have a lot to say! but i am more conscious of what i'm writing and if i can shorten things up more so than i ever was.
  • attend a blogger conference (or some sort of organized gathering)
    • progress: i don't think this is going to happen this year, unless there's something in november or december. travel and running plans just aren't working with timing.
  • build a great, supportive blogging network
    • progress: i think i'm still doing this! right? right. :) i've found a lot of new bloggers i really enjoy and connect with. so that's exciting!

hobby related:

  • write, write, write (make time for it, alicia!)
    • progress: blogging is still the only writing i've done. need to change this.
  • golf more! really focus on improving swing and relaxing on the course (golf is not life or death)
    • progress: i got back onto the golf range in june and also played a couple rounds. i'm using my swingtip to help analyze my swing and i'm really focusing on a relaxed stance instead of trying to change too many things at once.
  • learn how to snowboard (27th birthday bucket list)
    • progress: this didn't happen. maybe in december?
  • read. read. read.
    • progress: i am 5% into about 5 books now. oy. i am bringing two books to the lake and the goal is to finish those. then i'll work on the ones i started and never finished.

home related:

  • get moose back into dog training
    • progress: we tried to get her into training in june but the timing didn't work. so now we're looking at a mid-july start date. 
  • create a cleaning schedule or suck it up and hire a cleaning person once/month
    • progress: this is a joke. since i hate cleaning, the pressure is on for a cleaning company. my close friends all rave about having one... time to give into peer pressure?
  • continue to track gas mileage/fill ups 
    • progress: haven't started this up again. actually forget this was a goal so that is half the problem.
  • bathroom remodel
    • complete! and it's gorgeous and i love it. and i still need to post pictures.

people related:

  • spend more time being proactive in friendships (go the distance)
    • progress: hard for me to judge this one. i think i've been more social than i normally am. but its a struggle and this is something that could always be improved.
  • don't be afraid to make new friends
    • progress: making new friends as an adult is hard... seriously.

okay, your turn for a progress check! how are you doing on your 2013 goals?? going to switch anything up now that the year is half way over?


  1. I have a cleaning person who comes. She's amazing. Takes the stress off of me. She also cat sits for us when we're gone. lol. I think your goals are looking good :) And shhhhh - - halfway thorugh the year means I'm close to another year of work!

  2. I need someone who could cat sit, too. We have to shuffle cats to different "cat-grandparent" houses if we go away for too long and its exhausting. Any advice in finding a cleaning person/willing cat sitter?

  3. It's all about vibe. I went through a few before I found someone I trusted to be at the house alone, and clicked with...

    I used craigslist to find her. I could tell by the tone in her email, she seemed friendly, I interviewed her in person and we hit it off. That's the hardest part, finding someone you like. Our girl is in college to finish nuring school - has kids and so I knew she was responsible and could balance her time. our old lady would always cancel on us halfway through the day when we left the house unarmed... would make me so angry. we needed someone good with cats, because when she is there, i wanted her to know she had to use the nontoxic cleaners in certain areas (one cat licks everything. it makes her sick)... So she was totally understanding. She would send me pics of the cats during the day if they were doing something cute.

    My lady, beacuse she's not too much older than me, while she's still the cleaning lady, we text occasionally about thrift shopping and good clearance deals - so I knew asking her if she knew anyone who could cat sit was basically asking her. She jumped at the chance for the extra $$ and loved the cats.

  4. Good on some, not so good on others! Money was a big one for us. We were going to cut monthly expenses and save more. We cut some but still aren't really saving much. In other areas we are doing great! I'm running a half and going back to college, we are doing a fun family activity once a month! We really need to get the money thing figured out though, we need to hire a finical planner or something!

  5. Amy @ Long Drive JourneyJuly 9, 2013 at 10:29 AM

    Good for you for actually writing all of these down. Usually I make goals in my head but don't actually articulate them, and they don't get done. I think my goal was to run a race and to eat healthier. I'm working toward goal #1, and goal #2 is coming along.

    One tip for drinking more water that always helps me - bring a water bottle with me whenever I can and keep it filled up. That way I see it, I realize that I am kind of thirsty, and I drink it.

  6. If I don't write them down, they don't exist :)

    I've started carrying my water bottle around with me. I hope it works for me like it does for you!


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