Monday, July 8, 2013

marvelous in my monday: vacation highlights

if i have to explain why vacation is so marvelous then i have some new concerns for my readers ;) last week was my first vacation longer than a four day weekend in over a year (seriously). brandon, moose and i spent a marvelous week on lake michigan (pure michigan, baby!). it was magical, relaxing and everything i needed. the only bad part was that it ended too soon!

here are some snapshots of our awesome week at the lake
moose and i bonded in the hammock, our favorite seat at the cottage

i don't think there is any better beach than
those at lake michigan

rivalries always represented, even on vacation!
(go green!)

moose didn't love going in the water, but she loved chasing it
and barking at it!

one of the better "selfies" i tried taking during the week

so many gorgeous sunsets

another gorgeous sunset

aren't these beach bums cute? :)

bam! one last gorgeous sunset

where is your favorite place to vacation? been to pure michigan yet? if not, why the heck not?!?! ;)


  1. ohhh now nice! I've never been there. I don't have a favorite spot, we so rarely ever go on vacation. I'd love a spot on a beach though.

  2. Happy to help if you ever have questions on where to go in Michigan! I grew up vacationing here :)

  3. Way to go moose! You'll be a star soon.

  4. Way to go moose! What a workout! 4 paws up!

  5. Amy @ Long Drive JourneyJuly 10, 2013 at 9:23 AM

    I've never been to Michigan, but I've been wanting to go ever since those commercials started. They make it sound like the most amazing place on earth. I guess they work! Glad you enjoyed your vacation!

  6. Haha yes, Tim Allen & Pure Michigan for the win! Those commercials work on me, too. And they're totally true!


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