Sunday, July 28, 2013

add this to your running/workout playlist.... now!


excuse me for a moment while i geek out a bit.

the one.

the only.

cher is back with a new song. and its catchy and up beat and i just freakin' love it. there's something about cher's strong voice that makes me feel empowered. this song was the perfect addition to my race playlist this weekend. check it out below:

"torn up, busted, taken apart
i've been broken down
left with a broken heart
but i'm stronger
strong enough to rise above
this is a women's world"

sing it, cher!

"woman's world" by cher

what do you think? is this song a hit or miss for your playlist?


  1. I struggle with Cher because my old spinning teacher played so much cher I didn't know it was possible to be cher'd out. I do like the song though, so I'm sure I'll dL and add it ;)

  2. I loved Cher in Burlesque, and this song is quite awesome! Adding to playlist now.


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