Friday, July 26, 2013

5 things friday: july 26th edition

i want to first say a big thank you for the warm and beautiful responses to my good run post on monday. i can't tell you how wonderful your comments made me feel and how proud i feel to have shared what i did! thank you!

this week has been a little nutty, hence the lack of substantial content in my posts. i'm rounding up the week with 5 things that made my week a little brighter and got me through to the weekend :)

1) three year anniversary celebration: on sunday, brandon and i celebrated our three year anniversary! amazing how time has flown by. he treated me to a special day at the toledo zoo and we enjoyed geeking out over different animals for the afternoon. 


the red tailed hawk i fell in love with

2) my mile 22 bag arrived: i have been waiting so patiently for a reason to order a bag from mile 22 bags. the completion of my 5k challenge was the perfect occasion to treat myself to a new tote bag that showed off my accomplishments. my bag arrived last weekend and i just love it! i've been carrying it around with me everywhere and will be taking it to my 10k race this weekend!

my pr bib is front and center!

3) my silver maple necklace arrived: thanks to a giveaway featured by jennifer, i won an amazing custom jewelry piece from the silver maple. it arrived on the same day my race bag came (what a great day that was), and i've worn it nearly every day. love, love, love it!!

"strength" is one of my power words

too cute :)

4) i'm a big sister! (aka my mom adopted kittens): my parents have been without furries in the home since they had to put my beautiful dog nicki down last summer. she finally welcomed two beautiful little kitties into the family and i got to spend some time with them. i wanted to take them home with me, but figured my three cats wouldn't appreciate that very much ;)

this is little ernie
this is little reacher. two points if you
know the book character reference

5) glass slipper travel booked: few things are more exciting to me than booking travel for an upcoming vacation. over the weekend my family and i booked our disney travel for the glass slipper challenge! i'm so beyond giddy for this trip and race, i almost wish it was sooner!

what were some things that made your week, or things you are excited about?


  1. Those cats are SO freaking adorable. And yay for the anniversary. I keep waiting for an engagement announcement... #justsayin

  2. Happy anniversary!! I'm so glad you liked the necklace :)


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