Tuesday, June 18, 2013

the glass slipper challenge

the glass racing slipper that was on showcase
@ princess half in 2010

the first half marathon i ever did by myself was the disney princess half marathon in 2010. not only did i pr that race but i loved every minute of the experience. i loved the expo with the princes greeting me at the door. i loved the princess themed race and how girly, fun and festive it felt. i loved running through the castle in magic kingdom and i loved seeing all the runners dressed up like their favorite princesses. it was a great weekend i shared with one of my best friends and certainly one of my favorite race experiences.

when i heard about the glass slipper challenge i geeked a little bit inside and threw all my chips (more like dollars) into the pot. did i mention cinderella is my favorite disney princess? that helped with the convincing to sign up for this race, obviously.

race bib from 2010. i totally believe in health & happiness!

i am very fortunate that brandon was able to get me registered for the glass slipper challenge when registration opened because the race sold out THAT DAY. get out of town, this is for real! i'm feeling pumped and thankful, even though the race set me back a big, pretty penny. 

now i'm looking forward to the race. its in february, only a few short days after my birthday. what a way to celebrate, no? i've never done a back to back race like this (10k followed by a half marathon the next day) and my trainer might bop me over the head for it, but i'm up to the challenge.

my costume in 2010 consisted of my high school tiara
bobby pinned on my race hat. i'll have to step up my game in 2014!

now the only question is, what to wear?!?!??!

are you in for the glass slipper challenge, or any of the princess weekend races? would you ever want to do them? does the thought of back to back races make you cringe a bit?! 


  1. how fun!!!I love that!!! I'm sure you'll come up with a totally rockin' outfit!

  2. Me too! It's kind of sad to know it is so far away!!

  3. I'm planning to do Tinkerbell this coming January! :) Excited!

  4. Is this your first runDisney race, or have you done others?? Tinkerbell is on my hit list :)

  5. I ran Princess in 2011 but didn't have a great experience bc got sick. Also, course was mostly highways so I was disappointed! I hear Tink in DL is a better route. :)

  6. Yes, course is mostly highways. I kinda think that about all Disney races but I've learned to get over it. Thats my hesitation about considering Disney for a marathon. I know I will want more crowd support than highways can offer!

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