Monday, June 10, 2013

have you heard of the runner's infographic dream!

brandon introduced me to this weekend after running some analytics from my 5k on sunday. creates personalized data visualizations, based on your activity-tracking data. right now, it syncs up with runkeeper, fitbit, bodymedia and jawbone. 

i don't use runkeeper regularly but i can upload my garmin gps data into runkeeper, and that is exactly what brandon did to get this infographic created.

what i love most about this is not just the funny cop issuing me a citation for being excessively fast (helloooo compliment). i love the chart that compares my average pace per mile to that of other users of runkeeper. it puts all my hard work and my performance into perspective and made me feel really proud of the times i've shaved off my 5ks (and miles)!

pretty neat, eh? totally check it out if you are able, and send me a link to your infographics! i'd love to see what other ways there are to showcase activity data!

have you used before? have you heard of it? what do you think? send me links to your infographics when you've posted them!

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