Sunday, June 9, 2013

gluten free swaps: breakfast edition

breakfast doesn't have to be filled with wheat based products, but let's face it, a lot of our favorites are: waffles, toast, pancakes, cereal... the list goes on. here are a few gluten-free swaps for some of my favorite breakfast foods!

breakfast swap #1: life cereal for gluten-free cinnamon chex

as much as i grew up loving life cereal, i have to say that i like chex cinnamon gluten-free even more! it gives you everything life cereal does: tastes sweet, soaks up the milk if you let it, stays crunchy if you let it, and makes the milk taste like magic once the cereal is all gone. this stuff is great. brandon and i can pound a box in one sitting - breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert.... you name it!

breakfast swap #2: toast with peanut butter & jelly for rice cakes with peanut butter & jelly

obviously you could use gluten-free bread for your toast, but another way to enjoy peanut butter and jelly is on a rice cake! you'll save some calories and some dollars (gluten-free bread can be pretty pricey). though you can't toast a rice cake (to my knowledge), using a rice cake for my pb&j has been a solid switch as i'm running out the door for breakfast in the morning.

breakfast swap #3: regular pancakes for nature's paw organic crunchy maple sunrise cereal 

okay, i know swapping warm, fluffy pancakes for a hard, crunchy cereal sounds crazy but i tell ya. this cereal tastes just like pancakes with maple syrup. seriously. and i love all the different textures of the actual cereal pieces; round puffs, rice shaped puffs, flakes - its a real party! one serving of this cereal also offers almost twice the fiber than one 4 inch shaped pancake. so if you love pancakes, but don't want to spend time with gluten-free batter, give this cereal a try. i don't think you'll be disappointed! 

breakfast swap #4: cream of wheat for quinoa flakes

my mom used to make cream of wheat for breakfast and i'd layer it with jelly or cinnamon. it was such a treat. i was pretty excited the first time i tried quinoa flakes because i was immediately reminded of the same texture and flavor found in cream of wheat! score! i love quinoa flakes for breakfast because they're easy to cook and only 130 calories a serving with 4 grams of protein. plus you can add in any type of mixings you like. i'm keen on some peanut butter and a little maple syrup. yum!

your turn! what gluten-free breakfasts are your favorites? or, if you're not gluten-free, what are your favorite breakfasts and their (potentially) healthier substitutes? 


  1. Great post, Alicia! I really want to try quinoa flakes soon. :)

    I emailed you a few months back about emotional eating/bingeing, and I remember that you suggested blogging as something helpful for you. Well, I took your advice a few days ago and (re)started a blog! If you have a minute, stop by! :)

    Have a great week!!

  2. I don't have to do GF, but cutting out unnecessary wheat in my diet certainly wouldn't kill me. I'd totally be willing to try 1 & 3. I was on board with #4 until I realized I hate the texture of cream of wheat, so if they're similar, no point ;)

  3. Hi Iris! I'm excited you started blogging again! I will check it out this week :) Thanks for thinking of me!

  4. Haha yeah you might want to pass on the quinoa flakes! Totally a texture thing!


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