Saturday, May 11, 2013

the two week countdown and 5k "checklist"


two weeks from today is the target 5k race for my pr goal. TWO WEEKS. how did time go by so quickly? this week marks week 9 of training... do i feel ready? do i feel prepared?

not totally. there are some things i need to check off the "to-do" list to really feel prepped and ready to pr come may 25th. the under armour "what's beautiful" competition prompted me to make a list of what i still need to work on to accomplish my goal. thus, this little list below was born (a little outdated, but still valid):

pre-race nutrition is still a challenge. i have purchased so many random products to try and test, it's ridiculous (see pic below for my current collection). but what works the best? i have yet to figure that out.

like i don't have anything better to spend my money on?
product. junkie.

i'm also on the hunt for a mental mantra - it's something that a few of you have suggested to help break through mental walls and i think having one would be very valuable to have on repeat in my brain on race day. i once wrote "i can do this" on my forearm for the first 1/2 marathon i ever ran by myself. i'm wondering if my mental mantra is as simple as that for this race coming up. 

creating this "to-do" list was pretty helpful in terms of getting a clear mental head and road map of what i need to do to be successful come may 25th. making this list has been a good exercise that i will continue to do prior to every upcoming race, regardless of if there's a pr goal on the table or not.

have you made a training or pre-race checklist prior to an event? is this something you find helpful, tedious or not beneficial? (plus i'd love more recommendations for playlists, mental mantras!)


  1. I don't have much help other than know that I'm cheering you on hoping you hit your goal :) It's totally in reach!

    As for a mantra - I tend to like "you were strong enough to get this far, you're strong enough to keep going"

  2. Ohhhh I LOVE that mantra!! "Strength" is one of my my tattoos, so it plays very nicely to one of my biggest personal values!


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