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Product Review: GNC Pro Performance AMP

<start> disclaimer: i was provided with 3 out of the 4 products discussed in this post free of charge from gnc. i was asked to share my thoughts, opinions, reviews and experiences while using the products via social media outlets. i was not specifically asked to blog about their products. i am blogging about these products on my own free will and all opinions, reviews and thoughts are 100% mine and honest based on my experiences with the products. <end> disclaimer

i was really, really excited when gnc sent me three products out of their new pro performance amp line to try. i got the products a couple months ago, and now feel that i am ready to share my thoughts, since i've used 2 out of the 3 products completely!

i received the following products (to be taken in the order listed):

amplified strength
amplified push
amplified recover

how did i use them?
i started off by using one scoop of the amplified strength before my workout, two scoops of the amplified push during my workout and one scoop of amplified recover after my workout. i tested the products during both strength training and cardio workouts, but because i don't drink during my runs, i started using the products only for strength training. i did continue to use the amplified recover after my runs. 

how did i feel?
i did not have any weird side effects from any of these products. 

did they work?
i'll start with the amplified strength, because thats the one product i stopped using completely. i was optimistic when i first started trying it, but i never noticed any significant improvement in energy or stamina during my workouts. the taste wasn't great either, which didn't help. it tasted like a watermelon jolly rancher with a chemical aftertaste.

the one product in the line i tested that i wasn't satisfied with

i used the amplified push and amplified recover to their completion, and i just purchased a second container of the amplified push, which goes to show you how much i liked it. 

first, the amplified push. i used this during my strength training sessions. i found that i had more energy and stamina to get through my workouts. though the workouts were still tough, i felt more mentally alert and that i had more energy that lasted through to the end of the workout, which is something that was lagging before. having the same energy to get those last reps in made my workout much more efficient! i like that this product has protein in it, and only 70 calories, which is a little less than the product i was previously using for strength training.  like the pre-workout product, the taste isn't amazing. i think this is a consistent issue throughout the entire amp line. i found the texture to be grainy (and based on other reviews i've read, others had the same experience). the flavor was tolerable, and after using it a few times, i got used to it. the interesting thing about this mix was that it foamed up quite a bit in my water bottle and even blender bottle. i eventually learned that gently swirling, instead of vigorous shaking, helped eliminate some of the foaming issues.

see that foam? shaking is a no-no. swirl gently!

lastly, the amplified recover product. this had the best taste out of the three products i tasted. i took a scoop of this after all of my workouts (only 15 calories) and i can say that i felt more recovered after consistently using this product. my muscles and body just felt like they were in a better place the next day, more rested and ready to go for the next workout. i would've purchased this again, if i wasn't using a protein based product for recovery at the moment. 

all of the products had a similar looking powder... 

so, what do they cost?
the gnc pro performance amp line isn't cheap, but i think its comparable to other product lines that are similar. if you are a gnc gold member, there is a discount in the price, which helps. i just bought two products in this line, buy one get one 50% off, so you can get what you need at a savings if you time your shopping right!

amplified strength  - $49.99
amplified push - $49.99
amplified recover  - $49.99

bottom line - would i use them again?
yes. i liked two out of the three products, and i even purchased a second container of the amplified push. as a testament to my faith in this product line, i also purchased the amplified endurance product, to try as a pre-run fuel.  i haven't tried it yet, but the reviews make me feel pretty optimistic. 

a testament to my faith in the line - a new product
to try pre-run!

(out of 5 dumbbells possible)

overall value: 4/5 dumbbells (2 of out the 3 products did what they said they would, taste needs to be improved, but overall value is worth it to me)
taste: 3/5 dumbbells (this is where the products could really be improved. grainy texture, somewhat chemical taste) 
effectiveness: 4/5 dumbbells (2 out of the 3 products did exactly what they said they would) 
side effects: 5/5 dumbbells (no side effects = a happy me!)
cost: 4/5 (fairly competitive in price, though wavers on the expensive end)

have you tried any of the gnc pro performance amplified line? i'd love to hear what you thought of the products!

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  1. thanks for the review on the AMP PUSH. I plan to start on it as soon as the Endurance Booster II runs out. I've been cycling on the AMP ENDURANCE BOOSTER II for a few months now. I love the stuff. it tastes much better that the PUSH does and doesn't have the grit in it either. I haven't found a GNC employee yet who really understands their line of products. they send me all over the store for all kinds of stuff and never answer my questions directly. Maybe that's because i'm a cylclist not a mass builder.


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