Wednesday, May 22, 2013

door to door organics & food revolution day

last friday was food revolution day and since i encouraged everyone out there to participate, i wanted to share a little bit on what i did to celebrate!

friday i received my first door to door organics delivery! its basically a subscription box of fresh, organic produce that can be delivered to you bi-weekly or weekly. my office set up a co-op with door to door, meaning all boxes signed up through my office will be delivered on the same day and everyone in the co-op will receive a discount. i like discounts and this was a service i've always wanted to try, so i did!

my first box came on food revolution day (well timed, eh?) and it did not disappoint! in fact, it was a little heavy getting it to my car and such, but totally worth it. the box was packed to the brim and i got way more produce than i thought i would!

this is all of the amazing produce that came in my
door to door organics box. so much!

four things i immediately liked about door to door organics:

1) their website tells you what produce you'll be getting in your up coming delivery. if you don't like anything you can swap it out with the click of a button. it was really, really easy. i ended up swapping something to get the sweet potatoes (because i can't get enough of sweet potatoes)! this is one advantage i immediately like over doing a csa option. with csas you typically don't have much choice over the produce you'll get in your stash. 

2) door to door gives you the option to buy other locally sourced food that can be delivered in your box. i almost picked up a pound of ground bison from a farm in indiana, but decided against it when i remembered i have a whole bunch of ground beef in the freezer waiting to be thawed. maybe next time!

3) produce is delivered straight to me. as much as i love the farmer's market and supporting a local farm, it was a hassle to make sure i could get there every weekend to pick up my csa. 

4) door to door organics is a subscription service that you can cancel and start back up at any time (even schedule a hold or vacation), making it incredibly cost effective and flexible. with csas, you usually have to pay ahead in a large lump sum and you can't cancel or get your money back once all is said and done.

each option has their advantage, so if you're interested in either, you may consider trying both out to see what you like. after trying door to door organics, i've decided i like both options but i like the convenience of door to door a tad bit more to wedge it out over a csa for this summer.

okay, enough about that. the other thing i liked about my door to door box is that it came with a top ten list of food tips, which was perfect for educating brandon and me on food revolution day! here are a few things i learned that i didn't know before:

  • if greens wilt, you can trim them at the base and immerse them in ice water to revive them
  • to store tomatoes, keep them at room temperature (stem end down) - tomatoes don't like to be refrigerated!
  • you can sprinkle some water on slightly stale bread and warm in 400 degree over for 5 minutes to refresh
  • banana holders help avoid bruising and are great for ripening at room temperature. if bananas are too green, place in a brown paper bag with an apple or tomato for a day or two

almost like letterman's top ten list, but more educational

we immediately made a fresh salad with the some of the goods from our delivery. i prepped the lettuce as suggested in the tips, too!

fresh. healthy. yum.

my food revolution day was all about trying a new method of getting organic and locally sourced food, as well as learning more about how to keep the food i'm eating fresh so i don't have to throw any away due to spoilage. eating fresh is one of my favorite things to do. its amazing how different (and how much better) fresh food tastes! and the cool thing is that i didn't spend an arm and a leg to do it. my door to door organics box only cost $20 and i can guarantee that if i had driven to whole foods and bought all the same things my cost would have been above the $20 mark. yay for saving money!

fresh food subscription services can be scary, but i think the right ones are worth trying out. after my first initial experience with door to door organics i would recommend them to anyone who may be the slightest bit curious! if you are interested in trying, current members can give new members 50% off their first box. if you'd like me to send you an invitation to get the discount, please let me know by sending me a quick email at! (note: i do not receive any compensation or benefit from inviting members aside from the joy i get by providing a discount and sharing the love of fresh, organic food)

now you tell me: would you ever try a fresh food subscription box? did you do anything to participate in food revolution day? any food facts up your sleeve you want to share?


  1. Dana-@momrunshalfMay 22, 2013 at 10:50 AM

    I have been doing door to door for about a month now and I love it! Glad you liked it.

  2. I big fat puffy heart Door to Door Organics! I'm on the bi-weekly bitty box subscription and I get so excited every other Wednesday knowing that my delivery will be coming!

  3. I have the bi-weekly bitty too! It's really not bitty at all! I'm so glad to hear others have had such great experiences. I didn't know so many people were using it!

  4. So glad to hear others are into it too! I think I'm going to continue to be a subscriber, it's great!

  5. I'm trying the Bitty Box this week with a 50% off coupon code & I can't wait! $12 for so much & I've heard nothing but great reviews over it!


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