Thursday, April 18, 2013

your chance to ask the experts!

got a burning fitness/health/wellness/exercise question you've been dying to have answered, but don't know who to ask?

good news!

the trainers i work with (those who have helped me drop 20 pounds and hit running personal records) have agreed to do a guest post on my blog!

woo woo!

so i want to know what you all out there are dying to know about, so i can ask them to bring you the most relevant, amazing guest post ever. :)

don't delay - let me know what you want to know! either in the comments or email or tweet... whatever!

and remember, no question is stupid and nothing is off limits!


  1. Will HIIT workouts help me improve my running times?

  2. Every time I work with a trainer at my gym, they always tell me to avoid the machines. If machines are so evil, why are they even there?! And what's so wrong with them?

  3. Hey Lori! My trainers replied to your question :) It's live on the blog!


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