Saturday, April 27, 2013

why is it so $@#%@#% hard to find a nutrient solution!?!?

i'm a little bit at the end of my wits. i'm frustrated. i'm losing patience. and it's all because i am having the hardest time finding a nutrient solution for running that meets my dietary and fuel needs.

this shouldn't be so hard.

but it is.

i've complained about this before, but trying to find something that is gluten free, soy free and dairy free is really tough. now try and find something that meets all those criteria but also has the 4:1 or 3:1 carb to protein ratio needed for endurance training (among other things).

may the force be with you on that one.

accelerade? nope. now made with soy protein.
gu brew roctane? (this is what i liked for my past two 5ks) nope. no protein.
hammer heed? nope. no protein.
hammer perpeptuem? nope. made with soy protein.
mixing my own? nope. not a good, sustainable solution, says trainer.
gels and chews? nope. anything in a somewhat solid form does not always agree with my stomach.
chia seeds and something electrolyte based? nope. chia seeds = too much fat and fiber = terrible for digestion and absorption, says trainer.

the only little bit of hope i have left is either hammer recoverite, endurox or gu recovery brew. i tried the hammer recoverite this week and it tastes terrible. plus i think it screwed with my stomach a bit after the running was done. now my last hope is endurox or gu recovery brew. both have soy lechtin in them which could go either way for me (and endurox is the only one with my trainer's seal of approval). 

did i mention that trying all these things is expensive, too? oy. maybe i should just figure out how to manufacture my own for us poor dietary stressed runners/athletes.

what nutrient solutions/running fuel are you using out there? i'll take any recommendation - maybe you've got something i haven't heard of or tried yet!!


  1. yikes! I can't imagine having to keep all that in mind. I don't have issues with dairy in certain forms, so I am so fortunate there. soy I've given up on. Good luck girl!

  2. Have you tried vega one products? They have a whole line of performance products like drink mixes, shakes, gels, bars. They're plant based and I believe soy free. I like a few of them (some taste a little funky to me). Worth checking out to see if it matches what you're looking for!

  3. Whoops meant vega sport. Their website is

  4. I use Picky Bars and they have been awesome for my hypoglycemia issues. I eat them during long runs sometimes (17+ miles) and as a before and/or after snack. I don't know of that helps with your during run issue, but can't hurt to let you know. I also use Honey Stinger chews for 'shorter' long runs but that's a solid, not sure about their gels. I use Nuun for liquid/electrolyte, but no protein or anything there. I also like Endurox for recovery but I haven't tried it during a run. Good luck!

  5. I'm impressed you can eat solid foods during runs! I may have to look at Picky Bars again. Brandon and I made our own 4:1 carb/protein ratio bars for pre-run energy, and those have been pretty good about an hour and a half before.

  6. I have used the Vega One for protein but haven't used any of their endurance sport products. I'll have to look into those more. You're right - some of the flavors can be a little weird. Its hit or miss, but would be worth it if they work and don't make me sick!

  7. Thanks lady :) Soy is in just about everything. It's so hard now in days to find products that don't have it in some form or another!


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