Wednesday, April 3, 2013

progress check: 2013 healthy habit goals

a quarter of the year is over. seriously. can you believe it? i can't. since my mind operates in quarters thanks to my job, i figured it would be suiting to check in on my goals for the year at the end of each quarter, too.

so, here we go!

fitness related:

  • add variety into my routine by trying new workouts, classes, etc. 
    • progress: i've tried two new classes so far: a zumba toning class and an advanced step class. zumba toning i would try again. advanced step? never again. 
  • make my new local meetup group a smashing success: getting more fitness oriented women together
    • progress: need to work on this. it started out with a bang, but as work got busier, my ability to schedule events got more and more infrequent. there are 62 members in the group, which i consider a success!
  • get over my fear and try a fitness solutions class at the gym
    • progress: hasn't happened. pretty much because this class doesn't go with any of my current training goals.

running related:

  • train for and beat high school 5k pr of 25:05 
    • completed! 5k pr of 24:34 on march 10th!!! now i'm trying to see if i can get under 24 minutes. 
  • train for and run at least one half marathon (should i go for the time goal? under 2 hours 1/2 marathon)
    • progress: still doing the 5k challenge, so not training for this yet. i did sign up for a half on september 29th though, so it is in my future!
  • complete the 5k challenge
    • progress: i have three 5ks left in the challenge. i can't believe i'm almost done!
  • complete the RAW 2012 challenge 
    • completed, but missed mileage goal by 35 miles.

food related:

  • be an ibs eating-well champion (learn as much i can to feel better)
    • progress: meh i've realized i've got a lot to learn still before i can really be an ibs champion!
  • learn how to bake gluten-free
    • progress: i've dabbled and dipped my toes in, but far from knowing what i'm doing. my next step here would be to take a legit baking class
  • stick to "the plan" on holidays
    • progress: nope.
  • cut back on fancy espresso drinks from coffee shops
    • progress: in january i cut back, february and march were a mess. time to stick to 1/week again!
  • drink. more. water.
    • progress: my new water bottle helps... but less than perfect. i'll start small and try to drink a water bottle full a day. and go from there.

money related:

  • participate in the $5 savings club
    • progress: though i rarely have cash, i'm sticking to this one! i've got $70 saved up so far!
  • track expenses and categorize them to understand spending habits
    • progress:  i was into this for two weeks... and then...
  • pay off 1 of 2 remaining student loans
    • progress: still working on it. i am putting more of any "extra" money into paying off the lowest of the loans, first. it will be paid off by the end of the year!
  • cut back on impulse purchases
    • progress: i did pretty well in january, but february and march were a mess. going to try and be more diligent about this, cuz the bank account, she's a hurtin'!

blogging related:

  • write shorter posts (don't bore people with your drawn out chatter)
    • progress: you guys should be the judge of this one! i think i've made good progress on this. i've noticed myself chopping paragraphs and using bullet points way more than i used to. need to keep it up and keep going!
  • attend a blogger conference (or some sort of organized gathering)
    • progress: have my eyes set on the healthy living summit in minneapolis this september. there's also potential for a midwest blogger meetup in october and a tbd michigan blogger meetup.
  • build a great, supportive blogging network
    • progress: i think i'm doing this! right? right. :)

hobby related:

  • write, write, write (make time for it, alicia!)
    • progress: blogging is the only writing i've done. need to change this.
  • golf more! really focus on improving swing and relaxing on the course (golf is not life or death)
    • progress: i golfed in february! so thats a big change from last year. as soon as spring hits for good, i'll be hitting the driving range.
  • learn how to snowboard (27th birthday bucket list)
    • progress: this didn't happen. maybe in december?
  • read. read. read.
    • progress: i've been reading the same book for a month or so now. it's so scientific its hard to read, but i have my sights on re-reading "the great gatsby" before the movie comes out in may!

home related:

  • get moose back into dog training
    • progress: ha! that's a joke.
  • create a cleaning schedule or suck it up and hire a cleaning lady once/month
    • progress: this too, is a joke. i was feeling humorous when i wrote these goals, obviously.
  • continue to track gas mileage/fill ups 
    • progress: this was going great until i had to get a new cell phone and lost all the data from the original app i was using. could start this up again.
  • bathroom remodel
    • complete! and it's gorgeous and i love it. i owe you guys pictures. soon, i promise!

people related:

  • spend more time being proactive in friendships (go the distance)
    • progress: hard for me to judge this one. i think i've been more social than i normally am. but its a struggle and this is something that could always be improved.
  • don't be afraid to make new friends
    • progress: working on it! but making new friends as an adult is hard... seriously.

okay, your turn for a progress check! how are you doing on your 2013 goals?? does anyone else struggle with making friends as an adult?

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  1. I'm on track with my monthly mini goals.

    don't say "could start this up" for tracking milage. Load your app and get started. Now. As you read this. We're barely into April, you have plenty of year left to track.

    I wish blogging conferences were cheaper and during the summer. I'll never be able to attend these ones across the country during the school year. Boo.

    And I think it's awful as an adult to make friends. We're just so busy even if I were a more outgoing person, finding the time to do so is hard, and awkward. It's like dating - who wants to really go through that? And how to break through a group of friends as the outsider is even harder.


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