Saturday, April 13, 2013

digital digest: second edition

i was catching up on blog posts this past week and was just buzzing with good vibes from all the amazing things i read. here are a few of my favorite reads and digital finds over the past week - i hope you'll check them out!

i just love this post. susan says exactly all the things i've been thinking lately. there have been so many recent posts and stories out there about eliminating food groups to lose weight, but since when have elimination diets become effective and healthy? oh wait, they haven't. i think there's a lot more education on eliminating food groups that needs to be done, exposed and publicized in the blogging community and i'm glad susan got the conversation started by bringing this topic up!

2) "13 lessons in 13.1 miles, parts 12 and 3" by tami
tami just finished her first 1/2 marathon and i'm so proud of how hard she's worked and how far she's come! i love how she shares the experience of her first half in 13 lessons. these are all great lessons for new runners and old runners a like, as it really reminded me of all the little things that go into preparing for a big race like a 1/2 marathon, and of all the little things i love about being a distance runner! 

this recipe has been up for awhile, but i just found it and i pretty much squee'd with delight. veggie bread, like pumpkin and zucchini is my absolute fave - but a recipe with squash??!?! i'm over the moon excited to try this. will be my first attempt at a gluten free bread, but i can't wait! 

4) the body revolution pinterest board by the illusionist documentary
the illusionists is a documentary about the pursuit of ideal beauty around the world. they've created a pinterest board that is meant to inspire you when your body image and confidence is feeling low. it's all about body love and trying to break through the media's ideals of beauty. i'm looking forward to this documentary and love seeing the inspirational pins and ideas they're sharing!

this is an older article, but i wanted to bring it back to light after watching "hungry for a change" and reading more than a few blog posts about feeling unable to stop eating junky foods. here's what you need to know: food companies hire chemists to design, create and make the processed, junky foods we eat. they design them to be addictive to make money for foods companies. wonder why you can't stop eating? the food is designed to make you addicted! this is a long article, but its a good read about ceos of top food companies coming together to figure out what to do about the obesity issue in america, all while still being responsible for the success of their companies.

6) "#blogsmarter recap" by lindsay
there was an awesome twitter chat the other night where bloggers from all over joined in a conversation about how to blog smarter. i love the recap - so many valuable tips and thoughts for being a better blogger.

what digital reads or things were you digging this week? share the love in the comments!

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