Tuesday, April 30, 2013

a weekend in dc

this past weekend, brandon and i took a vacay trip to washington dc. this was my first time taking more than a four day weekend off work in over a year. seriously. this time off was more than needed.

the awesome thing about dc, which i didn't realize until we got there, is that most of the things "to do" are free. in fact, everything we did in dc was free, except for the open top bus tour (which is one of my very favorite touristy things to do, by the way). 

this little guy guarding his carrot was one of my fave
animals at the zoo

we explored the zoo, went to the first marine parade of the year, toured a few of the smithsonian museums and walked a ton. my fitbit counted 74,826 steps taken, which amounts to 33.8 miles traveled. if you subtract the crappy 3 mile run we did on saturday, thats 30 miles of walking in three days! no wonder my legs were so tired all weekend :)

brandon and i on the bus tour

the nike women's half marathon was also in dc this weekend. it was such a tease to see all the incredibly cute nike race schwag in the stores and on runners we would see about the city. i really wanted to sign up for the race last minute, but that wasn't an option, so i suffered through my jealousy and sent happy vibes to all the runners. when i saw runners in the metro on sunday with their tiffany bags, i knew i had to put this race on my target list for next year!

the one downfall of the trip was my own doing: after two too many tequila cocktails on saturday, i decided it was okay to eat bread and an entire bowl of ben & jerry's. that ice cream was the best flavor of ice cream i've ever had in my life (coconut seven layer bar is the flavor, in case you're wondering), but it will also be my last bowl of ice cream ever because for the past three days now i have been so sick and unable to eat anything but oatmeal. this is why i am gluten-free and dairy free folks. and this is why i need to stick to that rule! i need to remind myself to read this post the next time i'm tempted to eat outside the safe zone!

damn good cocktails (and seafood)
at tacklebox in georgetown

so now we're home and i'm happy to be back to our normal routine again. traveling and getting away is great, but i love the steady flow of day to day life at home. :)

beautiful flowers at one of the smithsonian museums


  1. I feel the same way! I wanted to run SO BADLY! Next year. THat's what I tell myself anyways.

  2. Oh wow what a fun trip! Perfect timing for the NWHM too! I'd be so tempted to run as well. I will be in DC in Oct for MCM and am excited to do a bit of touristy things since I haven't been since high school.

  3. Yeah! This was my first time to DC as an adult, and I could appreciate all the cool museums. I had a harder time finding the foodie places, but they do exist if you're willing to look :)

  4. You would totally get in! College students don't have to enter the lottery like us old folks do :( Haha


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