Sunday, April 14, 2013

5k challenge: 5k #10 the martian 5k

i didn't want to get out of bed for this race. but i wasn't about to bail now, with only three races left in the 5k challenge. i'm calling this race the "race of wonky ailments with a badass finish" because that's exactly what this was. read on for more ;)

when i woke up saturday morning, i was plagued with the following ailments:

  • a cold/sinus infection/thing that had been lingering since monday
  • high stress and anxiety level from the previous 24 hours
  • my eye sealed shut with some sort of goo

i was fully prepped for the first two ailments, but i didn't anticipate the "wake up with an eyeball closed shut" part, so brandon and i left for the race about 20 minutes later than we wanted to. with the race being about 35 minutes away from our house (and we hadn't picked up our race bibs), we were pushing it.

rising sun in the distance on the way to the race

feeling less than excited to run before we got there

we got to the race site with about 20 minutes left in bib pickup. unfortunately, registration and bib pickup was a mess. it was the most poorly organized registration area i have seen in the past year. needless to say, this added another level of stress and my stomach wasn't handling it well. i jetted off for the porta potties while brandon waited in line for the bibs. we found each other three minutes before race start and bibbed up just in time for the start!

i didn't have any expectations for this run. it was going to be the 3 miler i was supposed to do this week, with a goal pace between 8:00 - 8:30. i was proud of myself for not looking at my garmin the entire time i was running. it would've frustrated me and made me more stressed out.

the first mile felt long and by the time i got to a mile and a half, my cold was fighting me full force. lungs felt full, i was struggling to cough and breathe and run at the same time... general problems runners with colds have. at the two mile mark, i was ready to slow down and just take it easy. i didn't think it was worth it to push the pace too hard when i couldn't breathe and i had a long run the next day (awesome planning, right?). but my pace didn't ease up too much and i managed to finish with one final long push through the finish line.

i thought i was going to die.

i didn't, obviously. and soon i could breathe again and all was well. looking at my time, i felt disappointed. i should not have been disappointed, but coming off an awesome pr, it's disheartening to see a time slower than your last race. i need to get over and be proud of how i ran because...

... i placed 3rd in my age group! out of 72 total in my age group!! how awesome is that?? once i learned that, i felt on top of the world. a 3rd place finish qualifies me for a prize for placing in my age group. i'm hoping i can still get it (whatever it is), even though we missed the award ceremony.

trying to show off the race bib post-race. its ufo shaped

breakdown of splits:

mile 1: 8:35
mile 2: 8:09
mile 3: 8:07
(according to garmin)

official time: 24:55
(according to bib chip)

finisher's certificate - i wasn't lying about third place!

though i feel good about the race now that its over, i don't think this is a course i'd do again. the registration before the race was a little crazy, the first 1/2 mile was incredibly crowded and i just didn't love the park where the race was hosted. but maybe i'll change my mind once i get my 3rd place prize ;)

can't wait to hear from my fellow michigan bloggers on their races! is the martian race one to love, or leave off the race calendar for next year?


  1. I ran the martian half. Running Fit events are typically very organized but I think with all the rain and having to re route the course and get the marathon course certified because it is a Boston qualifier it made things a bit chaotic this year. If I were you I would give it another try because I have only ever heard good things about it. Great job on the 3rd place finish!!

  2. Thank you for keeping things in perspective. Running Fits usually are very organized, you're right. They had a lot of last minute obstacles thrown in the way!

    How did your half go?!

  3. Check you out, miss third in your age group! And you weren't badass. This was my first time running this race and I liked it. I picked up my bib the day before so I didn't have to deal with that in the morning (I saw the lines were pretty long) and I enjoyed the course, although I graduated from UM-D so I have a soft spot for the area. :) All in all, I think I'd run it again...maybe even the half next year!

  4. I might consider the half... the medals are awesome! It would be nice to have a little alien to hang up ...

    This was my first time in that Dearborn area, so I really didn't know what to expect. Had no problem finding the closest Biggby :)

  5. Way to go Alicia! That is a fantastic time. Congrats on your AG place! I love that the bibs are UFO's. I am definitely eyeing a sub25 5k this coming fall!

  6. Thanks lady. You'll totally get your sub 25 5k - your times are so speedy!

  7. My half went well, accomplished my goal of finishing in under 2 hours so I was happy and cold:)

  8. Congrats! So amazing. That's a dream 1/2 goal for me!


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