Wednesday, March 6, 2013

what's in the box: march's stridebox (my first stridebox!)

when i found out there was a subscription box dedicated to runners, my eyes bugged out, my jaw dropped and i said, "whhhaaaaaa?" (just like my homeboy chris, below).

stridebox is a monthly subscription box with "stuff runners want." runners love to test new stuff (most fitness forward people do) and we especially love feeling special with stuff that's geared just towards us. i signed up immediately for stridebox when i heard about it and i got my first box this week! here's a peak at what came in the mail:

the box, which was nicely packaged in a usps mailer

contents are wrapped in tissue paper, with a product guide enclosed

i was so geeked to open this box. seriously felt like christmas. when i unwrapped the blue tissue paper, i was really surprised by how many goodies were inside!

a snapshot of the contents - and this isn't all of it!

i ate my kind bar yesterday (it was awesome, potentially my new favorite flavor) and i am really looking forward to trying out the two gu gels that were included. what flavor are they? peanut butter (omg i loooove peanut butter). and why am i so excited to try them? because all of the ingredients meet my dietary restrictions! YAY! i have been slightly worried that training for 1/2 marathons would be rough, given that most of the energy supplements out there contain at least one ingredient that is on my "do not eat or face the consequences" list. now i have something i can try that is tummy safe!

my stridebox also came with this cool little thing called a given flip pocket wrist wallet. you can put keys, cash, credit cards or whatever running essentials you need in this little guy and you won't even know it's there (well, that's what the brand says about the product anyway). i haven't given it a try yet, but this alone retails for $10.95, so i've already gotten 73% of the cost of my stridebox back in products. that's a win.

pocket wrist wallet. kind of looks like a brace here,
but it's not

but, i've saved the best for last (in my opinion). behold, powerice hydrating ice bars with electrolytes.

electrolyte freezy pops!!

guys/ladies - these are freezer pops for working out! they have electrolytes! my everyone's favorite summer treats were freezy pops, and now i can have them before and after my runs and they will actually have nutritional benefits. i am the most excited to try these out. can it be springtime yet??

aside from the contents of the box, an additional thing i like about stridebox, that i don't remember seeing in other boxes, is that they list the retail price of the products right inside the product guide. no more guessing on how much money you'll have to spend if you want to buy more - it's provided for you. i love when companies provide transparency and make their customer's life easier. :)

so, what do i think of stridebox? for my first month, i love it! everything i received in my box i can use (some things not just for running, which is a plus) and the value of everything far exceeded the $15 i paid for the box itself. i'm a happy customer and i can't wait for april's box!

have you tried stridebox? what types of things would you like to see in a runner's subscription box? i'm thinking lots of socks and headbands, next! ;)

oh yeah, a little disclaimer. i was in no way compensated, or asked to blog about this subscription box. everything expressed in this post is out of my own will, desire and enjoyment i receive from getting subscription boxes in the mail each month (which i pay for).


  1. oh, nice stuff included! I love click! Not sure if you can drink it, but I love that stuff!

  2. I'm not sure if I've tried it before, but it's good to hear there's a good review out there. I'll see what ingredients lie beneath the package.

  3. I've been on the fence but you just convinced me: signing up for Stridebox right now!

  4. Score!!! Can't wait for you to get your first box. I'm still hoping for socks :)

  5. Oh wow! what an amazing box of goodies! I definitely need to look in to this :) Thanks for the great review!

  6. Tessa@AmazingAssetMarch 7, 2013 at 8:13 PM

    What great items you got! That Kind bar is in fact my most favorite flavor... you cannot go wrong with that salty chocolate deliciousness that it has going on!
    Thanks for the review on this

  7. Paulette FerenceMarch 9, 2013 at 1:47 AM

    PickyBars in Stride Box? I LOVE PickyBars! Super cool box.


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