Thursday, March 14, 2013

throwback thursday: my first 1/2 marathon (aka the 1/2 marathon i ran without training)


i was a freshman in college, coming out of my first semester as a collegiate student. like most kids my age (at the time) i thought i knew everything and could handle anything - this i recognize now is the confidence of someone who is blind to how little they actually know!

my sister was big into running at this point in her life (marathons and halves) and i wanted to get in on the action (also wanting to run so i could lose those freshmen 15 that was creeping on)! as a big sis and little sis duo, our eyes were set on the disney 1/2 marathon in january. my sister was worried i wouldn't be prepared for the race. "don't worry," i'd say. "we have plenty of time and i swear i'll train!"

in comes january. i had only run 5 miles in total preparation.

my first expo. overwhelmed and not sure what to think!
 (also the realization that i had to run 13 miles for the first time ever
might have been sinking in)

i could have backed out. it would have been totally understandable.

but i didn't.

i remember when we got to mile 7 in the race. my sister asked me, "have you ever run 7 miles before?" i said no. this race was a first of many for me. 

meeting running legend meb keflezighi -
i had no idea how lucky i was at the time!
getting introduced to running schwag. i still have the purple
shirt my mom is holding! ps - check the nextel on my belt! hilarious!
prepping the race shirts. mine said "lil sis" my sister's said "big sis"

we ran the entire race and finished in 2:44:16. in truth, i don't know how i did it, but i believe it was some signal to me that running was supposed to be an important and continual part of my life, of transforming me into the person i was destined to be.

posing with our medals. we did it!

running without training didn't come without its consequences. i slept for the remainder of the day in the hotel - bonked out. i remember my legs being impeccably sore for two whole weeks after that race (well duh, what did i expect?). what i did wasn't smart and i would never recommend attempting an endurance race without training. i sure as hell won't do it again!

but whenever i get stuck, or think i can't push myself another step, i think back to that first 1/2 marathon and the spirit and strength i found inside me then. if i could push through those 13.1 miles, i can do anything.

day after. tired and cranky, can you tell?
but at least i got a shirt out of the deal ;)
ps - man, i have such a baby face at this age!

have any memorable, or bad training experiences to share? was your first race a source of inspiration? or something you'd rather learn from and leave behind?


  1. This is awesome! Love the throwback Thursday post.

  2. Thank you! I'm hoping I can remember enough good details about previous races to do more of them :)

  3. I love your day after pic - classic. :)


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