Sunday, March 10, 2013

the 5k challenge: 5k #9 the race where i pr!!!!!

i'm going to get right to the good stuff:

i beat my high school cross country 5k time! i pr'd my 5k!!!!!

i couldn't get my 5k time under 25 minutes in high school, and i hadn't been able to do it until today. today i ROCKED the shamrocks and shananigan's 5k by running a time of 24:34!! nearly 30 full seconds off my previous 5k best. 

holy crap you guys, i'm on cloud nine. this is one of the best days of my life! seriously!

i had no idea i would pr at this race. in fact, i had just talked to my trainer this week about building a plan to try and beat my 5k time in may. sometimes, an unexpected success is way better than a planned performance.

so now that i shared the highlight of the race, here's a brief run down of the day and race:

electrolyte freezy pops. my latest obsession

i started the morning feeling a little groggy thanks to daylight savings time and an evening full of cat fights (re-introducing multiple cats to a home is a lot of fun). after a delayed start, i got dressed and started testing a new fuel routine. first, one of the power ice electrolyte pops that came in my stridebox. it was soo good, i wanted to eat another. i will be ordering these for sure. they're fabulous.

brandon and i were running as part of a "team" from our gym. our trainers special ordered some shirts for the group, and we all agreed to wear them for this race. i added a little bit of a green flair to fit the theme of shamrocks (and shenanigans). i decided just before we ran out the door that i didn't have enough green, and threw on some beads and shorts that you'll see later.

moose photobombed me

back of the shirts

my shoes totally match my under shirt and the
logo on the black shirt! #unitentionallywinning

25 minutes before race time, i tried part 2 of my pre-race fuel test; gu roctane ultra endurance drink + chia seeds. i'm trying out chia seeds because of the influence the tarahumara and the book "born to run" have had on me. i haven't had any problems having them before a workout or run yet, so far so good! i'm testing the gu roctane to see how it works with my stomach, and to obviously see how i feel mid-workout with it in my system. i'm specifically looking for fuel that has 50 carbs per serving, as recommended by my trainer. that's a lot of carbs!

this is as green as i could find for st. pat's celebration

gu + chia seeds

okay, on to the race. it was crowded. really crowded. that's what you get when you try to corral 2,100 or so people in a small downtown area! but going into a race knowing its going to be crowded is helpful. it allowed brandon and i to make a game plan. instead of starting in the back, which i usually do, we started closer to the front where we thought we could have a better chance of avoiding crowds that weren't going out at our pace. the strategy seemed to work, but we were still dodging through people all the way to the end of the race.

crowd lining up at the starting line. so many people!

and there were a lot of hills. i mean, steep, really unhappy hills. i'm thankful that high school cross country made me a really efficient hill runner, otherwise i might not have been able to keep pace enough to get my pr time.

one thing that was really different for me during this race? i didn't have my garmin! my garmin dependent self had a minor panic attack pre-race, but in the end, i think not having it helped my race. instead of being time obsessed and then turning seconds and speeds into potential negative thoughts, i was forced to focus on how my body felt and adjust my speed based on that. i tried not to think about a pr time or any time at all, and just listened to my body and kept going. all i wanted to do was keep going.

the last .1 mile was uphill. up the steepest hill. but after we powered up it, the red bull finish line appeared in all it's glory. brandon and i grabbed hands and crossed the finish line together and it was awesome. i didn't know i had pr'd at this time, but by the official clock time, i knew i had to be close.

mile 1: 8:04
mile 2: 7:57
mile 3: 7:31
(according to runkeeper)

official time: 24:34
(according to bib chip)

post-race happiness!

i took nearly a minute and 30 seconds off february's 5k time and i was the first woman to finish the 5k from the gym group (by 90 or so seconds, my trainer told me)! i felt pretty good about that, too :)

i'm so proud of myself. being healthier, stronger, faster, tougher and more fit than my high school self feels so good and makes me feel like i've come so far. they always say youth has an edge, but it's not true. age means nothing. and you don't stop living life because you get older, you stop living when you give up. the same goes for running. you'll never find out how far you can go, how fast you can run if you give up. so don't stop. never stop. i didn't and i'm going to keep going. who knows what else is in store for me on my running journey!

how about you? feeling more fit and in shape than you were in high school? can you run or walk without a timer/gps? or do you have a panic attack without it, like i typically do?


  1. Mizuno twins!!!! I love your entire outfit- the tie is a nice touch. Definitely brought you to that PR :) Nice job on this race! I think not wearing the garmin is a big help even though it seems counterintuitive. Can't wait to see where you take this!

  2. Thank you! Still can't stop smiling :)

  3. I think I might have to try without the Garmin more often, or wear it but hide it under something and not look at it. I hope these Mizunos bring you some big PRs too! Mizuno twin powers, activate!! :)

  4. awesome awesome awesome!! congrats!

    im deff more in shape and just generally more active than high school. it was only 4 years ago but i deff can do more now than then. im 25lbs lighter and exercising at all is an improvement for the most part.

  5. Way to go- what a great time! I also had a PR today, at the Corktown 5k- we were PR buddies :) awesome accomplishment!!

  6. woo hoo! congrats, that is so awesome! I haven't done shamrocks n shenanigans in a few years, but I do remember those hills. They are definitely tough! Sounds like it was a great day. Awesome job, speedy girl!

  7. Thank you!!! Yes - Ann Arbor is a hilly mess, but it makes for good training, that's for sure!

  8. YAY!!! Congrats on your 5k PR!! I'll have to swing over to your blog and read about your race - hopefully you've got a post up ;)

  9. That's awesome! Congrats to you - It's so easy to use getting older and being busy with life s an excuse - but in reality, getting older is a better primer to do more than we could before. I like kicking my younger butt's self. :)

  10. Congrats, girl! You are a speed demon!

  11. This is so awesome! I hope I can be as fast as you someday. Congrats! That is NOT an easy course either!

  12. Thank you! And you can be as fast as you want - I've seen your interval times! You've got it :) (I never really thought about the course being difficult until a few folks have said that - you're right, it is a bit of a beast!)


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