Saturday, March 30, 2013

my 5k training plan

i realized over the past few weeks that i haven't shared what my current running goals are or what i'm doing to achieve them. i've just posted runs and workouts like ho-hum, without any explanation. so! here's the scoop on what's keeping me busy (running style) until the end of may.

i'm still doing the 5k challenge which means that my goals are still 5k focused. since i crushed my 5k pr sooner than i thought i would, my new goal is to crush my current pr and run a sub 24 minute 5k. my super secret goal is to finish in around 23:30. and my super super secret goal would be to get in the low 23's. let's be real here, i just want to see how fast i can be!

how am i going to get there?

i'm working with my trainer and he's designing my strength training and my running workouts. i really don't have to think much about what i need to do, and i like it that way. with so much of my energy going towards the work hours, its nice to have someone else figure this out for me!

i'm running 3x a week with strength training 2x a week. i have an optional cross training day available and one rest day.

i'm three weeks in and my running workouts have been all about building volume. i didn't understand this at first, but my kind and patient trainer (who also loves to share his knowledge) gave me a run down. we're building an aerobic base first because, as i move into faster training (like intervals), i will have the enzymes and other necessary metabolic machinery to keep me more aerobic than anaerobic. if i get anaerobic too quickly, my lactate levels will rise, getting me into anaerobic metabolism too quickly, which results in having to slow down (and we don't want that). 

did you follow that? i didn't either.

essentially, a large base allows me to run faster for longer. plain and simple. 

and i need to run as fast as i can for 3.1 miles to crush my goal. i want to go fast!!

ricky bobby isn't my inspiration, but i admire his spirit. shake & bake!

my target race date is may 25th, for a memorial day weekend run. i'm pumped. i'm ready. and i've got my eyes set on the finish line!

are you training for anything? do you research and design your own workouts? or do you opt to let someone else do the dirty work and figure it out for you??


  1. I'm starting to train for a 5k. I'm on week 3ish of 9 (Im doing the C25k program) and hoping it goes well or me. I'd like to go towards the 10k as soon as I have 5k down and run my first official 10k during the summer. We'll see though. I'm pretty new to the running scene! Best of luck to you - you're a rockstar.

  2. How awesome! C25K has been really successful for the people I know who've done it. Love that you've got your sights set on a 10k, too. You'll totally be able to do it! One step/day at a time :) That's the best advice I can give!

  3. You are a speed demon!! I'd be happy to come in under 30:00. Keep working, girl!

  4. I am a fan of the run fast- run less program :) I try to get the most out of every workout and it seems that 3 (4 tops) is my magic number for running days per week. Any more than that and I'm just tired.
    I'm not training for anything right now and taking a bit of a run break between May-June (maintain my current base) to focus on strength training and swim/yoga, and then start marathon training come July :)

  5. Its is reassuring to hear you're on a similar schedule. I was worried that the way I was doing my runs would lead to injury, but it sounds like it can be okay. Yay for marathon training! Will that be your first?

  6. Every body responds differently to training. I know some people who can run hard every single day. I'd be balled up in a corner somewhere crying in pain. Yes MCM will be my first! Luckily Mike (the bf) has already done one marathon so he know what to expect and can guide me through it a bit!


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